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Watch the First Teaser for Showtime's Twin Peaks Revival (VIDEO)

We wouldn't normally post a video of an "in production" teaser for an upcoming show, but c'mon guys, this is Twin Peaks! The first video for Showtime's continuation of David Lynch's insane crime drama wants to ease you back into the Pacific Northwest with shots of the majestic outdoors and Sheriff Hawk musing about the surrounding's beauty. And then... well, just watch.

Have a look!

Ahhhh, beautiful Twin Peaks. Where the trees break through the mist and rise into the atmosphere, where waterfalls flow with an endless supply of energy, where some crazy son of a bitch screams in your face and tries to strangle you.

Showtime says the series is "Coming Soon," which is a bit of a stretch considering it won't premiere until 2017. 

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