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Watch EastEnders Danny Dyer like you've NEVER seen him before...

danny dyer

Famous for playing hard, macho characters like EastEnders' Mick Carter, Danny Dyer looks very different in his most recent project...

The 38-year-old plays a drag queen in the music video for Lucy Rose's latest track, Nebraska.

Wearing a red sequinned dress and full make-up, Danny takes to the stage in a club and dances in front a crowd – before strolling through London, heels in hand.


danny dyer walks through london with a pair of heels in his hand(Screengrab/YouTube)In an interview with the Independent, who premiered the video, 26-year-old Rose admitted she was "bricking it" when she approached Danny, who has been very vocal on Twitter about how much he likes her music, about the idea for the video.

She said: "The miracle to this story is that almost an hour after I sent over the treatment he replied saying 'let's do it, I've always wanted to be a drag queen'."

Danny said he was "beyond proud" to be a part of the video which promotes freedom of expression.

He told the Independent: "I think it's such a moving piece of work.

"I've always believed that people should be who they wanna be, regardless of race or gender.

"Freedom of expression is so important."

Lucy hopes the video shows "that no-one is who you expect them to be" – and the reaction so far has been very positive.



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