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Law and Order SVU ‎CrossoverWeek‬

Three squads. Two cities. One decade-long case.

In Part 1 of the three-part crossover with Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: SVU, evidence at an apartment fire sparks a criminal investigation - and leads to the involvement of New York's Special Victims Unit.

Firehouse 51's newest paramedic, Jessica "Chili" Chilton, introduces herself to the squad. The station attempts to repress any thoughts of Mills - especially Brett, who struggles to connect with her new partner. In either case, Chili proves her worth in the field, remaining calm and collected - even during a call that finds her and Brett rescuing a stabbing victim after a robbery. Chili's real mystery emerges later, however, when she receives a package at 51 full of her personal invention: Chilleeze, a self-chilling champagne bottle. The whole firehouse thinks it's a little silly... except for Herrmann who naturally loves the idea and wants to offer the item at Molly's.

A different kind of offer lands for Casey when Nesbitt, the firefighter-turned-strip club owner, asks him to bid on a franchise-level expansion at Stilettos. Casey hesitates based on Nesbitt's nebulous past and seeks out Rice, who worked with Nesbitt, for advice. Rice responds with an inconclusive (but curious) story involving Nesbitt, some missing money and the IRS. Later, Casey returns to Stilettos to continue his original contract job and ends up eating lunch with Katya, one of the dancers and Nesbitt's confidante. She encourages him to make a bid and their chemistry leaves him more than inclined, but when Casey accidentally interrupts Nesbitt during a meeting, Nesbitt's curt reaction incites Casey to reject the franchise offer. Much to Nesbitt and Katya's chagrin, Casey storms out of the club, determined to end his relationship with Stilettos altogether.

Back at 51, Otis fills in Cruz regarding an unnerving observation he made during the intense call from earlier: he clocked Rice running back to the fire truck on account of faulty equipment, not the first time Rice ducked out of a rescue. A curious Cruz checks Rice's equipment in secret and discovers it works just fine. He relays this to a few choice members of the squad and Herrmann warns that the accusation is too serious to jump to conclusions, suggesting that they keep their eyes open and their mouths shut. But Severide corners Cruz and Otis before they even implement their strategy. The lieutenant calls Otis "out of line" and demands the rumors and allegations against Rice stop now.

An urgent call sends the squad out to a raging apartment fire that appears to be caused by an overloaded electrical outlet. The team manages to save two victims from separate floors - Billy, mostly unscathed, and Victoria, severely burned and in critical condition. Herrmann blames Billy's outlet for the fire and Billy pleads with Dawson to believe he turned it off like he always does. Later, however, Antonio from Chicago P.D. approaches Dawson at the station with new information on Victoria: Chicago Med found evidence of rape. Was this Billy's doing?

Dawson doesn't have much time to consider because Billy confronts her at 51, terrified by a recent line of questioning from detectives. Dawson feels inclined to believe in Billy's innocence and Severide, who overhears their conversation, agrees. The two firefighters return to the apartment to check for any clue that could exonerate Billy and, sure enough, a thorough search leads Severide to an interesting discovery - burnt rubber (a known fire accelerant) that appears to have leaked from the ceiling above Billy's room. Upstairs it's confirmed - this was arson. Somebody torched the apartment. When a nosy neighbor mentions he saw a man in scrubs that walked into the complex, it suddenly sounds like a case for P.D.

Meanwhile, Dawson receives a voice mail from an emotional Billy. Concerned about his well-being, she enlists Antonio to help track Billy's call, and they find him dangerously close to jumping off a bridge, prepared to leap to his death, overwrought with guilt over his perceived role in the fire. Dawson convinces Boden to allow her to talk Billy down and, as they both teeter on the edge, Dawson explains that police removed him from the list of suspects. This calms Billy and allows for a safe and secure rescue. Dawson's risky save produces compliments from the squad.

As P.D. launches their investigation into the arson, another surprise gets in the mix: Sergeant Benson from New York City's Special Victim's Unit. Turns out she received an alert that crosschecked rape and arson based on an open case from 10 years back. When Voight fills her in on the details over video chat (the suspect dressed as a doctor, etc.), Benson flies up to Chicago and meets with Voight and Boden in person. She studies the victim and, based on the details, it triggers memories of that open case - the victim's green fingernail polish, hair color, height. Benson knows it's the same killer. And now it's up to Chicago P.D. and SVU to hunt him down.

In Part 2 of #CrossoverWeek, detectives from SVU join forces with P.D. to track down a serial killer hunting women in Chicago.

Picking up right where Chicago Fire left off, Sergeant Benson from New York City's Special Victims Unit joins Voight and the rest of P.D. at Chicago Med. They question Victoria, the severely burned victim, and her devastated sister, but neither can offer any evidence or detail that could lead to a suspect. The detectives return to District 21 knowing only that every victim reported the same description of her assailant: a man in a medical uniform with his arm in a sling. They also know that each victim had her nails painted green, although the horrific severity of Victoria's burns prevents them from identifying if the man painted her nails. To make matters worse, Victoria passes away soon after the brief interview.

Voight makes sure Intelligence opens a hotline, and Nadia finds herself fielding a nonstop series of calls while attempting to organize a surprise birthday for Lindsay. Detectives Amaro and Fin fly up from SVU to provide insight from the previous cases and help on the hunt, with their first stop a revisit of the crime scene. Lieutenant Casey from Firehouse 51 guides the detectives, along with members of Intelligence, through the remains of Victoria's apartment. A thorough search reveals a missed piece of evidence: a small bottle of green nail polish. There's no doubt now that this is the same killer from Benson's open case.

Meanwhile, Benson discovers that Halstead's brother (and new member of the Chicago Med staff), Will, knew one of the victims in New York and that detectives questioned him during the initial investigation. Could he be the killer? After Benson approaches Voight with the news, he agrees to help ambush Will for an interrogation without Halstead's knowledge. Except when they bring Will in, Halstead finds the situation suspicious and stops the ruse despite Will's insistence on innocence and his willingness to cooperate.

Later, the hotline pays off with a lead that describes the killer just like the other victims - arm in a sling and wearing scrubs. Mouse pulls security cameras in Victoria's neighborhood and snags an ID on a car that matches a witness' statement. Burgess and Roman track it down and arrest the driver, Greg Yates, on dubious charges in order to place him in the sights of Intelligence. Yates withstands intense scrutiny from Lindsay and Amaro - and emits his own creepy, confident vibe - but without any evidence to back up their hunch, they release him. Voight orders Intelligence to dig into Yates with everything they've got - until Will, now no longer a suspect, steps in with additional information. Turns out Yates served as one of Will's professors in New York and, at a bar one night, Yates corned Will and unleashed a series of unsavory comments about several of the female students in Will's class - including a future victim. Before Intelligence can pounce on the details, Yates contacts Lindsay and asks to meet her (and only her) in public. Lindsay agrees to his terms - and Voight organizes a detail team to verify her safety.

Before Lindsay heads out, Benson calls her with sound advice: be ready and be careful. Calm and collected, Lindsay meets Yates in Millennium Park that night. He leads her away from the park and toward the Art Institute of Chicago, forcing Intelligence to scramble in an effort to keep her covered should Yates make an unexpected move. Instead, Yates rambles to Lindsay about "unintended consequences" and gives Lindsay neither a new clue nor a confession. She leaves confused - what was the point of their meeting?

Yates' motivation becomes clear moments later when Boden calls Voight to announce the discovery of another body. The Firehouse 51 chief shows Intelligence, Fin and Amaro the charred remains of an apartment and a corresponding victim with a familiar bottle of green nail polish nearby. This means Yates met with Lindsay to guarantee plausible deniability - the perfect alibi. Mouse traces Yates' phone to an empty apartment, but when Intelligence barges inside all they find is his cell phone.

And that's because Yates is halfway around the city stalking the last person on anyone's mind: Nadia. She corrals a cake in honor of Lindsay's 30th birthday, exits the car - and Yates clocks her with a tire iron. When Nadia collapses, unconscious, Yates stuffs her in the back seat, then restarts the car and drives away. As the car peels out, Lindsay's cake lays in the street - the only evidence of Nadia's abduction.

The manhunt continues in the thrilling conclusion of the Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: SVU crossover event.

The third part of the crossover event begins with the Chicago P.D. team coming to the awful realization that Nadia has gone missing. Yates has her in the trunk of Lindsay's car, which Nadia borrowed to pick up Lindsay's birthday cake. P.D. tracks the plates, but it turns out the serial killer switched license plates with another car at a rest stop in Indiana. He's headed to his old stomping grounds - New York City, which means Voight, Halstead and Lindsay are headed there too. SVU tracks Yates on his way into the city and scours Yates' old haunts. They soon find Lindsay's abandoned car outside the city, and a bloody scarf inside. Nadia left it for them to find.

Meanwhile, Yates has made it to Elmherst and found his next victim, helping her with her bags before sexually assaulting and killing her in her apartment. When her roommate comes home, he attacks her as well, but she survives, though is severely brain damaged. A neighbor saw Yates, but the only thing she can remember is that he had "the nicest smile." SVU tries to find anything that ties Yates to the neighborhood, and soon learn he got a parking ticket a few years back three blocks away. After a witness sees Yates following a woman into her apartment, the detectives burst in to find Yates eating lunch with a woman named Susie. Shocked, Susie can't understand why Yates is being arrested - he's her loving fiancé!

At the precinct, Rollins and Halstead question Yates, who claims he ran into Nadia, at which point she asked him for a ride to NYC. She was looking to party, he says, and probably fell in with the wrong crowd. Yates creepily suggests that whoever has her probably took her to a remote location to take advantage of her, and then took her body to a special place where he could visit her. In the next room, Susie reveals she and Greg have been together for almost 20 years but just got engaged that day. Amaro and Lindsay show her photos of Yates' victims, but she refuses to believe the allegations against him. He wasn't kidnapping Nadia; he was at his special place on the beach. That's where he decided he wanted to marry her.

SVU and PD search the beach Susie mentioned, as well as the surrounding woods, where they find Nadia's body. Lindsay, Voight and Halstead are devastated. The good news is that Yates' burial grounds are yielding dozens of other bodies, including those of numerous missing women in the tri-state area. The bad news is that Yates attacks random women and doesn't leave any DNA evidence. The only non-random attack was on Nadia, which Barba believes is their best case against Yates.

At trial, Yates decides he'll be representing himself, with his lawyer, Ms. Crane, staying on as co-council. Yates tears apart the testimonies of Lindsay and M.E. Warner, claiming that Nadia had reverted to a life of drugs and prostitution before her death. And, as Yates was the last person to see her alive, besides the killer, his own testimony will back up his theory. When Benson takes the stand, Yates fingers Dr. Will Halstead, Jay Halstead's brother, as an alternate suspect in the similar NYC murders Benson investigated over a decade ago. Benson explains Will's alibi ruled him out, but Yates insinuates that Jay Halstead might have had something to do with his brother being cleared. Yates knows what he's doing.

When Yates takes the stand, he paints a picture of Nadia as a troubled young woman who relapsed to a life of drugs and prostitution. He agreed to drive her to New York after learning her boss, Sergeant Voight, was forcing her to have sex with him. He says he helped her get away. As he describes what Voight allegedly did to her, Yates is clearly enjoying himself, prompting Barba to try a new tactic. Barba questions M.E. Warner, tempting Yates with the gruesome photos of Nadia's body. Yates then questions Warner, asking for detail after excruciating detail about Nadia's degree of suffering before her death. It's clear to everyone in the courtroom that Yates is getting off on Warner's every word. His co-council begs him to sit down, but Yates refuses. When he finally sits down, it's over for him. The jury finds Yates guilty.

The next night, Voight visits Yates in prison and sneaks up on him in the bathroom, putting him in a chokehold and threatening him that someone will do to him what he did to Nadia. "It's coming," he says.


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