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Jamie Lomas

Warren killed Bart! Now he could be caught with the body, says Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas

Warren has killed Bart and has a body to get rid of in Hollyoaks. Will the Chester bad boy be caught with a corpse on his hands?

Warren Fox and Sienna Blake are all loved-up with twins on the way, and life would be just perfect… if it weren’t for the fact they have Bart McQueen’s dead body to dispose of! His family think Bart is in rehab. In reality, Sienna and Warren are desperate to get rid of his corpse without getting caught.

“And that proves to be very difficult as things keep going wrong,” Jamie Lomas told Soaplife.

How does Warren feel about having killed Bart?
“He’s actually really remorseful. But his main concern at the moment is being around for Sienna [Anna Passey] and the babies. Deep down, Warren wants to be a good person, but he just can’t be. He acts on impulse, then he thinks about it later.”

Does he feel bad for the McQueens?
“No, he doesn’t go that far. Warren doesn’t care about the McQueens. He’s sorry he killed Bart [Jonny Clarke], but he tells himself that he has to do what he has to do to survive. His main priority is Sienna and the twins.”

Has he gone off the idea of turning himself in to the police?
“Initially, that’s what he was going to do. He felt it would be best if he held his hands up and confessed, but Sienna told him to man up. It’s like the Macbeth storyline.”

Should Sienna really be carting a dead body around in her condition?
“Obviously not and Warren would rather she wasn’t involved. But they’re a team and he’s stronger with her by his side.”

Why’s it so hard to get rid of the body?
“Things keep going wrong. They put it in the flat next door to them, but Sally [Annie Wallacce] moved in. Then they decided they should evacuate the building and burn the flats down, but Prince [Malique Thompson-Dwyer] saw them carrying a rolled carpet and he thinks they’re burgling Sally’s flat. He wants a cut of what they’ve stolen!”

So how will they get rid of the body?
“I can’t tell you about that, but it’s going to be a drawn out and very tense process.

What’s next for Warren?
“Warren wants a happy family life with Sienna, but trouble follows him. It’s not going to be an easy journey for him.

With parents like Warren and Sienna, what on earth will the twins be like?
“Can you just imagine? There’s a very emotional scene coming up where Sienna wonders about how the twins will turn out and she says they’ll be the kind of children who pull heads off dolls!”


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