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War of 1812: Laura Secord’s trek to thwart American Invasion (360 Video) | Canada: The Story of Us

Americans have invaded Upper Canada and Laura Secord’s house has been turned into an impromptu barracks. After overhearing American soldiers discussing plans for a sneak attack, she sets out on a long and treacherous journey to alert the British troops.

Laura Secord has long been a Canadian hero and icon. Almost everyone knows the story: during the War of 1812 (which pitted pre-Confederation Canada against the teenaged United States of America), Laura Secord braved wild animals, rough terrain and enemy soldiers to travel over 30 km to warn the British of a planned American attack.

Her unprecedented act of bravery gave the British and their Indigenous allies an upper hand on the Americans, but Secord wasn't always recognized as a Canadian and feminist hero (or even as a chocolate mascot). For decades, she wasn't known at all.


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