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villain of the week


villain of the week

12/1 - 12/7   This week's list had two candidates that try to do good, but DOING BAD is in their blood....




This guy is evil at its best. The way he did Hershel was uncalled for, but was the best part of the episode. I hate that this was the last time we will see the Governor on THE WALKING DEAD....

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This guy is usually a good bad guy. He tries to do good, so you forget that he is an outlaw. But for the past few weeks, he has become more bad than good. Jax is diabolical on SONS OF ANARCHY.....

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scandal 309

I know that Quinn deserved it, but Huck was too sinister in this episode. From licking her face to yanking her teeth, Huck from SCANDAL had to be on the list.....

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