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This week's #1 bad guy has had a chance to take the top spot for quite awhile now. As the leader of a secret band of cannibals, The Walking Dead's Gareth is the top villain. Gareth's group lured people into their sanctuary called Terminus, only to kill and feast on them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This was shocking, but no where as graphic as watching their Hannibal style of cannibalism when they cut off Bob's leg and ate it in front of him. The best part of this week's episode was watching Gareth and his men get what was coming to them. I was glad to see them get what they deserve, but I hate that Gareth is gone. He was on his way to becoming such a great character.




Gareth is a pragmatic leader at Terminus, a dangerous man with secrets.

Gareth appears as Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn are gagged and leaned over a trough in a building adjacent to the train car "A". Gareth enters, interrupting one of the Terminus Guards just as he is about to knock out Glenn, asking for the "shell count" from them. After hearing muffled sounds from Bob, he reluctantly pulls down Bob's gag, after which Bob pleads that there is another way to resolve everything, and that they have plans to fix everything. Gareth laughs, telling Bob "the world can't go back", shortly before putting Bob's gag back in. Gunfire is heard after, interrupting Gareth and the Guards again. After, Carol, not seen at first, blows a hole in the gasoline tank outside, and lights it using a firecracker, to which Gareth runs outside. 

Gareth is later seen as the group escapes, and is shot in the arm by Rick as he lays down cover fire for the other escaping members of his group.


Gareth is seen at the end of the episode (although it is likely he was watching the group as they camped out in the woods prior) after his group knocks Bob unconscious. As Bob awakens, Gareth says that Bob is not dead yet and says the Terminus group never intended to hurt anyone, but now his hand has been forced after the shootout and the loss of Terminus. Bob looks down to find his left leg amputated, which is now cooking over the fire for Gareth and several Terminants to feast on. 

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Gareth continues talking to Bob until Bob reveals that he was bitten, allowing Gareth and his group to realize that they have eaten infected meat. Infuriated, Gareth then knocks Bob unconscious and leaves him near the church entrance for Rick's group to recover him. Later, he and his group watch Rick leave the church with a posse before approaching quietly and breaking in, taunting the remaining survivors that are sheltering in Gabriel's office. Rick and his posse, having snuck back inside, ambush Gareth by killing two of his men with a suppressed pistol, then shooting off two of his fingers, forcing him and the others to surrender. Now at Rick's mercy, Gareth begs him to let them go and tries desperately to justify his cannabilism and the cruelty Rick had witnessed. Rick, unwilling to risk letting Gareth harm others, brutally hacks him to death with a red-handled machete - as he had promised him earlier. He is later buried by Tyresse along with the other Terminus members that were murdered.




Andrew J. West was born in Merrillville, Indiana and grew up in the nearby town of Lake Station. He was interested in acting from an early age, but did not pursue his craft until he went to Indiana University, where he studied philosophy and anthropology. He auditioned for university plays and began landing roles, including the lead in Eric Bogosian’s SubUrbia. He then began writing, producing, and acting in short films with his college friends, some of which went to the festivals and won awards.

After moving to Los Angeles, he landed the role of the young Christian Troy in the cult classic television series Nip/Tuck, had simultaneous recurring roles on Greek and Privileged, and guest starred on shows such as Bones, CSI:NY, Ghost Whisperer, Castle, Body of Proof, Shit My Dad Says, and Suburgatory.

He was also the lead in the critically acclaimed web series Rockville CA from Josh Schwartz. That was followed with the lead in two ABC pilots: Who Gets the Parents, opposite Jane Kaczmarek and Adam Arkin; and Family Practice, opposite Christopher Lloyd and Jean Smart.

Most recently, West starred in the indie film Walter, opposite William H. Macy.


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