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villain of the week


The epitome of criminal masterminds. He talks the talk and walks the walk. This week's #1 bad guy is also SAMCRO's enemy #1. His name is August Marks, and he's not to be f%#$!& with! SAMCRO tried to blackmail Marks by burying the body of a murdered preacher on one of Marks' construction sites. This is the same preacher he was forcing to sell him his church. SAMCRO threatened to take the evidence to the police, but their threats were meaningless. SAMCRO had f#@&%!$ with the wrong one this time! Marks had his security team (all ex-military) capture and torture a member of SAMCRO, Bobby Munson. Marks then had his men cut out Bobby's eye. August Marks sent Bobby's patches, his eye, and a iPAD with a video of it all! Then he gave them 24hrs to comply to his demands, or they would get another piece of Bobby. He is ruthless, and he is not playing around.

August Marks

August Marks Sons of Anarchy


August Marks is the current biggest crime boss and drug kingpin in Oakland, formerly Damon Pope's number two.  He is a very cold person who has no problem doing what is necessary to get his point across. He states to Jax, before a meet with Pope, that he had known Mr. Pope since he was seventeen, showing a long term affiliation to him and complete devotion. He took over Pope's position of power after his boss' demise.

Jax met with August to discuss the alliance building between the Chinese and the Mayans against him. He informed him of the current situation and August assured him that as long as they were patient, they'd be able to sort things out. Jax also promised him that he'd wait to the right moment to get revenge for the murder of his wife, which was worrying August. However, Jax had already begun his revenge on Lin and the Chinese, who he believed were responsible and he was going to keep it secret from August.


August Marks SAMCRO


Billy Brown is an American actor was born and raised in Inglewood, California. He is known for his role as detective Mike Anderson on Showtime's Dexter from 2011 to 2012. Previously he starred as boxer Richard "Death Row" Reynolds in the short-lived FX series Lights Out. In 2012 he landed the recurring role of August Marks in the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy. He also provides the second voice of Cliffjumper in the animated series Transformers: Prime. In 2013, he portrayed Agent Troy Riley in the first season of The Following. Brown starred opposite Toni Collette in the CBS drama series Hostages from 2013-14. In 2014, he was cast opposite Viola Davis in ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder, produced by Shonda Rhimes.

Billy Brown August Marks Sons of Anarchy

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