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Season 2 Episode 1

"Brother's War"

Ragnar and King Horik's forces begin their fight against Jarl Borg, who is joined by Rollo; Princess Aslaug makes her way to Kattegat with a surprise that will change everything....[button color="red" size="big" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.12.13 Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.12.32
It's a battle between Ragnar and Rollo, each with their armies.
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Blood is spilled and lives are lost. One of those lives, sadly, is One Eye. He was viciously speared by Rollo, who didn't seem to show any remorse until after the fact.
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That's when Ragnar steps up to challenge his brother.
 Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.18.52
Though he had no trouble joining up with Jarl Borg, Rollo threw down his weapon in the face of Ragnar. He couldn't attack his own brother.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.20.08
King Horik and Borg were able to reach a compromise, with a plan to raid the west together, building a better life for both sides. Rollo was taken into custody.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.26.04
Once back home, the townspeople expected Rollo to be killed for his betrayal, but he was spared.
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Ragnar's son Bjorn informs Lagertha of his indiscretions with Princess Aslaug at the end of Season 1, leaving her far less than happy.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.28.23
She makes Ragnar promise to never see his mistress again, which he readily accepts.
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Everything changes when Aslaug appears at Ragnar's home, pregnant.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.39.48
Ragnar tries to sell Lagertha on letting him have them both as wives.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 05.38.39
Ragnar is surprised to learn that Lagertha has left him. After chasing her down, he realizes he's lost his chance.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.48.22
Unfortunately that also gives Bjorn a chance to reconsider leaving with his mom, which he chooses to do.
Screenshot 2014-02-28 20.48.45
Now, Ragnar's family has left him, and a pregnant Aslaug is waiting for him at home.

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