Kevin Sutcliffe, Vice News’ head of news programming EU, has said that the BBC should be braver and take more risks in its news output.

The former Channel 4 and BBC news executive also said that the U.K. public broadcaster "doesn’t particularly break stories," The Guardian reported. It cited comments he made on Tuesday in front of Britain's House of Lords communication committee.

"At the moment, it often feels a little beige, it passes you by," it quoted him as saying about the BBC's news programming. "Tick the box, done the coverage. Given the amount of investment available, the BBC should be braver."

Sutcliffe suggested that a fear of political backlashes was affecting the BBC. "It is a very alert organization to the political ramifications of what it does," he said, according to the Guardian. "The BBC feels like a constrained organization."

He called the broadcaster's approach to news and current affairs "stuffy," adding: "They are very formal, old fashioned ... They do not speak to a millennial audience. We have filled that area and continued to grow. This change of tone [is] important for the BBC going forward."