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USA Sets Winter Premiere Date for Suits

After years of close calls and secret keeping, Mike Ross will finally find himself at the center of a fraud investigation when Suits returns for the final six episodes of Season 5. And thanks to some helpful folks at USA, we finally know what date to circle on our calendar! Mike, Harvey, and the entire Pearson Specter Litt gang will return Wednesday, January 27 at 10pm, the network announced Wednesday.

When the action picks up again, Assistant US Attorney Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) will be putting the screws to Mike (Patrick J. Adams), which puts the whole firm in jeopardy because everyone short of the janitor knew Mike's secret and covered it up. So Harvey (Gabriel Macht), who resigned from the firm to protect it, will be working with Jessica (Gina Torres) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) to figure out how to build a defense for Mike while knowing that he's 100-percent guilty, and they are too. Meanwhile, Rachel (Meghan Markle) will be coming to terms with the fact that literally she and everyone she knows could end up in prison, and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) finds herself at a mysterious crossroads (I assume it's the metaphorical kind, not the selling-your-soul kind).

Also coming to USA in January is the new drama series Colony, which stars Josh Holloway's handsome mug and perfectly chiseled jawline. As previously announced, the series will premiere on Thursday, January 14 at 10pm. Set in the near future in Los Angeles, which exists in a state of occupation by a force of unknown, unnamed, outside intruders, the series follows the family of Holloway's Will Bowman, a former FBI agent, who has chosen to collaborate with the new authority to bring down the resistance movement. His views clash with those of his wife, though, played by The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies.

Will you watch Colony? Are you ready for Suits to return?

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