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Undateable Live

Undateable (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "A 'Will They'/'Won't They' Walks into a Bar"

Season 3 Episode 1

"A 'Will They'/'Won't They' Walks into a Bar"

In the LIVE season premiere, Justin and Candace debate starting a relationship. (East Coast)

After Danny (Chris D'Elia) tapes over Justin's (Brent Morin) episode of Scandal, Justin decides to get back at him by spoiling the latest episode of Empire. Danny is livid, but Candace (Bridgit Mendler) admits she loves spoilers - in fact, her whole life has been so crappy that she really can't handle surprise endings.

Speaking of surprises, Justin has a big one: he and Candace are going to try dating! Candace is thrilled to get to date her best friend, but Danny quickly ruins her joy by offhandedly mentioning that she has a lot to lose if the relationship doesn't work out. After all, they've known Justin longer, so he'll most likely get to keep the gang. Suddenly Candace isn't so sure about all this - she had it rough growing up on the streets with no friends, and now that she has her new friend family, she's terrified of losing her new life. She desperately wants a spoiler as to whether they'll work out, but that's just not how life works. To smooth things over, Justin establishes a friend draft, in which Candace chooses Leslie (Bianca Kajlich) and Shelly (Ron Funches), and Justin picks Brett (David Fynn) and TV's Scott Foley. Nobody chooses Danny or Burski (Rick Glassman). But the draft backfires (shockingly), and as Candace watches her friends fight over the order in which they were picked, she tells Justin her final decision: they can't date.

Meanwhile, Leslie gets a super short haircut and is devastated when Burski fails to compliment her on it... because he's texting his girlfriend Karli. Wait - Burski has a girlfriend?! Indeed he does, and she's super hot, which makes the whole thing even more confusing. Leslie makes it her mission to figure out what's wrong with Karli and soon realizes the girl thinks Burski is blind! Apparently when they met, Burski had just had his eyes dilated and couldn't see, but then he never mentioned that the temporary blindness wore off. As Leslie grows more and more jealous, she finally decides to flash Burski in front of his new lady - and, of course, Burski can't help but ogle Leslie's breasts. Needless to say, Burski's back to being single.

Later, the gang gets on Leslie's case for screwing up Burski's relationship just because she loves his attention. She feels terrible and calls Karli to tell her how great Burski is. In return, Burski compliments her haircut. As the Burton apology train continues, Danny tells Justin he's sorry for interfering in his relationship, then goes to Candace to tell her this whole thing is actually her fault because she's a chicken. So Danny administers a chemistry test to force Justin and Candace to stop being indecisive. The theory is that if two people like each other and put their faces inches apart, they will inevitably kiss. Justin protests - until Candace kisses him. And with that, Justin and Candace are officially a couple!

Undateable Live

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