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Undateable Live

Undateable (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "A Truth Hug Walks into a Bar"

"A Truth Hug Walks into a Bar"

When Danny blabs to Justin that Shelly has nowhere to live, Justin tries to trick him into moving in above the bar.

Shelly's been crashing at Justin and Danny's place for a few days, but only Danny knows the reason why. After torturing Danny with singing, Candace and Justin learn that Shelly's mom lost her job, and Shelly is covering her rent. But he can only cover one rent, so he moved in with his mom. This bums him out, so he's staying with the guys. But Justin and Candace have to pretend they don't know because Shelly's embarrassed and made Danny promise not to tell anyone.

Of course, Justin just can't help himself, so he tells the rest of the gang and tricks Shelly into moving into the spare room above the bar by pretending the bar was robbed. If someone lived upstairs, this wouldn't have happened! Shelly volunteers to move in, but wants more details about how the break-in went down. Shelly quickly sees through the gang's poorly constructed web of lies, so to get to the truth, Shelly brings out the big guns: the Shelly Truth Hug. A hug from Shelly is like truth serum, guaranteeing the hugee to spill his or her deepest secrets. Once Shelly gets Candace in his clutches, the whole plan comes tumbling out. Shelly's furious - he is NOT a charity case. His dad was a taker and he refuses to be anything like his deadbeat dad. He doesn't want the room.

Suddenly, Justin has a brilliant idea: he forces Shelly into a group hug, prompting Shelly to admit the truth - he wants the room and is only being stubborn because he's embarrassed! He does, however, agree to live above the bar, as long as it's never mentioned again.

Undateable Live

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