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Undateable (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "A Puppet Walks Into a Bar"

Season 3 Episode 6

"A Puppet Walks Into a Bar"

Mike decides to propose to Leslie with the help of the gang - and some puppets.

When the guys are alone at the bar, Mike drops the big news that he wants to propose to Leslie (Bianca Kajlich). Hoping to make it a memorable moment, Mike concocts a plan to have the guys help him pop the question - using puppets of themselves. Although Danny (Chris D'Elia) initially doesn't want any part of it, the prospect of playing with a puppet of himself is just too tempting to pass up.

Danny's role in the proposal is to bring Leslie to the bar. However, as they get into position, Leslie confesses she doesn't see her relationship with Mike going anywhere. Panicking, Danny ushers her away from the imminent proposal. Leslie leaves and Danny tells Mike that his proposal was going to fizzle.

But when Leslie learns that Mike was going to propose and Danny talked him out of it, Leslie is upset. She explains to her brother that she always wanted to be proposed to and that she should be the one to talk Mike down, not Danny. Justin and Danny attempt to correct their mistake, and convince Mike to propose again.


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