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Undateable Halloween Walks Into A Bar

Undateable (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Halloween Walks Into A Bar"

Season 3 Episode 5

"Halloween Walks Into A Bar"

Justin goes overboard with Halloween, and his overly romantic gestures drive Candace crazy, prompting Danny to try to teach Justin how to take criticism.

It's Halloween and the whole gang is dressed up - Shelly's Pooh Bear, Brett is the captain of the Titanic, Burski's a Jewish wolverine, Candace is Pizza Rat, Danny's a centaur and Leslie's sexy Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, Justin, who's dressed as the "Just Right" Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, has been over-the-top romantic with Candace, and the gang can't take it anymore. Danny swears there's no way Candace can actually like Justin's behavior, so he sits Candace down and has an honest discussion with her, all while Justin is secretly hiding in his bear costume and listening to the whole thing. At first, Candace claims she loves Justin's romantic gestures, but when she starts listing all of his little quirks, she realizes Justin's been driving her crazy and needs to talk to him.

But before she can, Justin, having overheard everything, freaks out at Danny for destroying his perfect relationship. Leslie explains that communicating is really important in relationships, and he needs to listen to Candace's concerns and not take it personally. Justin's devastated - he thought he finally found love with someone who likes him for him, but it turns out she wants to change him just like every other girl he's been with.

That night, Brett, Shelly, Danny and Leslie ambush Justin at his house, force him into a Super Justin costume, and try to drag him back to the bar to talk to Candace. When Justin refuses, Danny admits that they're all rooting for Justin and Candace - if they can't make it work, how will the rest of them ever find love? Back at the bar, Candace admits to Justin his gestures can be a bit much - plus a few other things that have been bugging her. Justin's convinced Candace hates him and totally freaks out, that is, until Candace says one last thing - she loves him! Of course, Justin says he loves her, too.

Undateable Halloween Walks Into A Bar

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