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Undateable (NBC) Full Episode - "Danny's Boyz Walk into a Bar"

"Danny's Boyz Walk into a Bar"

Brett's lucky sweater is taken and the only way to get it back is a good old-fashioned DANCE BATTLE!

Brett (David Fynn) is excited to take a test to become an American citizen, but his confidence is shaken when he can't find his lucky sweater. When the gang retraces Brett's steps, they discover the sweater being worn by a street performer named Relentless and challenge him to a dance battle. Can Danny's Boyz bring enough heat to burn Relentless?

Leslie (Bianca Kajlich) wants her birthday to go by without fanfare, but Burski (Rick Glassman) sees an opportunity to win her heart with the perfect gift.

Undateable Season 3  Episode 11

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