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Undateable - Season 2

Undateable - "An Angry Judge Walks into a Bar/Cop Number Four Walks into a Bar" (Full Episode)

"An Angry Judge Walks into a Bar/Cop Number Four Walks into a Bar"

Candace enters a contest to win a new house; Justin makes a terrible impression on his new girlfriend's father.

Justin and his new girlfriend, Lauren, are constantly all over each other, grossing out everyone at the bar with their cutesy PDA. Danny hates living with Relationship Justin and Candace can't stand seeing her crush with another woman. Of course, with Justin, relationships go at breakneck speed, so after only two weeks of dating, he tells Lauren he wants to have dinner with her dad, who just happens to be a judge. Justin is confident he can win over Lauren's dad, because, while he may not always be able to please a woman, he always knows how to please a dad. Danny, however, thinks Justin may not be ready for the culture clash, considering Justin is white and Lauren and her dad are black. But Justin is confident - he's going to go bake his famous marble cake muffins.

"I'm going to grab Lauren," he says. "And then I'm going to get myself a little brown sugar."

At that exact moment, Lauren's dad walks into the bar to pick up his daughter's phone and chastises him for having no respect. At first, Justin doesn't get why he's upset, then he replays the scene over in his head. Yeah, he's screwed.

Meanwhile, Justin still has no idea Candace is into him, despite her making it increasingly obvious with her awkward behavior, longing looks and expressly written love songs. One of them is even called, "I'd Like You Even If My Dad Didn't Because I'd Never Care What He Thought Because You're So Awesome." Justin's take? "It's wordy." When Candace's not-so-subtle hints don't work, Leslie advises her to flat-out tell him, maybe through a more obvious song.

At the doomed dad dinner, Justin continues to make a terrible impression on the judge, with his token black friend (Shelly), his biracial muffins and his mentioning that Lauren slept over the night before. Back at the bar, Justin is moping in his office when Lauren comes over to say goodbye to him. But before she can, Candace talks her out of it. Who cares if her dad doesn't like him, Justin's a great guy! Lauren realizes she's right and, instead of dumping Justin, continues to make out with him in front of Candace.

Brokenhearted Candace can't take it anymore and decides it's time to get her own place. Luckily, Leslie's company is giving away an abandoned house and all Candace has to do to win it is to be the last person standing outside and touching the house. Justin is bummed - he likes Candace living upstairs and is confused as to why she's being so awkward around him now.

Later, when one of Brett's British friends stops by the bar, the gang learns Brett hasn't come out to his friends and family back home. The guys encourage him to come out to Finchingfield, but Brett refuses, so they go behind his back and set up a Skype session with all his buddies. They don't want him to live in regret. Brett reluctantly agrees and is overjoyed to find everyone back home is incredibly supportive, though they do have inappropriate questions for him.

The next day, the gang goes to support Candace's quest to win a house, only to find Trent is also competing for the new digs. Justin decides to enter the contest as well, that way he can save Candace from her dirtbag ex-boyfriend, and he can use all that quality time to figure out why she's acting so weirdly towards him. This is a disaster - the only reason Candace is doing this is to get away from Justin! So Danny sacrifices himself and steals Justin's spot just as the competition begins. A pissed off Justin demands to know what's going on, so Danny explains that Candace is upset Justin forgot her birthday, while Danny remembered and even got her two laptops. Of course, Justin then goes out and buys Candace laptop cases for her two pretend laptops, which makes Candace fall even more in love with him. He's the sweetest guy she knows, just like her grandpa who always opened the door for her grandma. That's all she's been searching for her entire life. Danny, tired of hearing all about love and Justin, pushes Candace's hand off the house - she's out of the competition!

Now it's up to Danny to win the house, which he has no interest in doing. So Candace warns she'll dress younger and tell all the hot women he hits on that she's his daughter. The threat works and Danny agrees to stay... until he has to go shoot an action movie scene. Oh yeah, after hearing gunshots and throat-kicking what turned out to be Liam Neeson, Danny landed a role as Cop Number Four in "The K Squad." When Leslie hears her brother is planning on bailing, she convinces him to ditch playing a hero on screen and actually be one in real life by winning the house for Candace.

After four days, it's down to just Trent and Danny, and Danny's near his breaking point. He loudly proclaims that he's giving up and Trent wins, so Trent takes his hand off the house in celebration. Only, Danny tricked him - he kept his foot on the house! Who's the dumb-dumb now?! Candace is overjoyed, but before she can check out her new digs, Justin grabs the keys from her - a lady does not open her own door! That's the last straw for Candace and she kisses Justin... before running into the house and slamming the door.

"What just happened?" a bewildered Justin asks the rest of the gang.

Undateable - Season 2

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