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TYRANT Recap: Well played Bassam, well played...(FX)


Season 1 Episode 9


As the plans for the coup continue to take shape, Jamal proves how far he will go to punish those who oppose him, and Barry’s relationship with Molly is pushed to the limit after she learns of the repercussions that await their family...[button color="purple" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Barry is washing up in the bathroom. He looks into the mirror at the man he has become. His relationship with his wife is crumbling and he has plans on betraying his brother. Molly is still upset with this plan and she doesn’t want to leave him. Barry tells her it will only be three days but she’s upset to the point that she doesn’t want to be seen with him on their double date celebration with Jamal and his wife.

One day earlier, Barry had a meeting with John Tucker where they went over their plan. Ziad, General Tariq’s right hand man, is now on Barry’s side and helping the group with ideas to get rid of Tariq. Tucker told Barry that they have a recording of Jamal talking to a hooker named Katerina. They listen to the recording where Jamal asks Katerina to leave the whole country behind and escape. Barry’s team believes they can use the recording to have Jamal turn against Tariq. They have three days to do so. Barry is told that Tariq has a military retreat coming that can be used if they can get Jamal there.

Back at the palace, Jamal and Leila are out with Barry and Molly. The whole time Jamal talks about his bond with Barry and how loyal he believes Barry is to him. When Jamal and Barry leave to talk, Leila notices that Molly isn’t herself. Barry puts the plan into action and tries to get Jamal to go with Tariq on the retreat. Barry also says that there are rumors about Jamal and a hooker. They have a meeting the same night with John Tucker who says there are rumors about Jamal wanting to leave the country with Katerina. They blame Tariq and Jamal has Barry look into it. Before Barry leaves, Jamal gives Barry a long embrace.

The next meeting Barry has with John tucker also includes Yussef and Nasrat’s father. At first there is a bit of argument on whether Nasrat’s father was being followed. After that, the team fills Nasrat’s father in with the plan.
As the team works on turning Jamal on Tariq, Jamal gets more and more paranoid. He tells Leila to watch herself. He believes there are enemies everywhere and shouldn’t trust anyone. Barry takes Jamal to talk to Ziad who tells Jamal of Tariq’s plans. Jamal has a gun with him and is a little confused as to why Ziad will help him and not stand by Tariq. Ziad tells Jamal that he believes in him for the future. However, Ziad is really on Barry’s side.

Leila talks to Barry about Jamal’s paranoia. He tells her everything including the hooker. Leila begins to cry and tells Barry that the two of them must protect Jamal. Barry holds her in his arms while she cries.
Molly is not happy with Barry. She doesn’t want to leave him and wants Barry to come back to the States with her. As if she didn’t already hate the idea of leaving she meets with John Tucker and Lea Exley who make everything worse. She is told that back in the States she will living with her kids in a safe house. She is beyond upset. Molly is also not happy with Barry taking the kids to see their grandfather’s birthplace.

Barry is teaching his kids about his culture and telling them stories of their grandfather. Barry has no idea that Jamal decided to go after Tariq. Emma, Barry’s daughter, finds out about a plane explosion. The plane was carrying the elite guard.

Jamal blew up the plane and throws Tariq in jail. He killed Tariq’s men to prove to Tariq that Jamal doesn’t handle traitors well. When Jamal shows Barry where Tariq is being held, Tariq tries to convince Jamal that Barry is the traitor. However, Jamal doesn’t believe him and show it by beating Tariq. Barry threatens Tariq in his own way by saying that Tariq will be put on trial.

The episode ends with Barry talking to Molly while she packs. Barry tells her that he had nothing to do with the plane. She breaks down and begs Barry to come home to America with her and the kids. She cries and holds onto him but Barry is cold. She backs away and says she is not coming back to Abbudin.

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