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TYRANT Recap: He set himself on fire! (FX)


Season 1 Episode 4

"Sins of the Father"

Tensions boil as the 20th anniversary of the chemical attack ordered by Barry's father, President Khaled Al-Fayeed looms. Barry's plan to defuse the situation runs into heavy resistance. Meanwhile, Jamal struggles to regain confidence in the bedroom...[button color="purple " size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Barry is out for his morning run followed by security. He thinks about college in America. He heads into a dorm room. Tears for Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World is playing. He sees his walls have been tagged with hateful things about his father. He rips down the newspapers that report his father’s atrocities. On the run, he stops to catch his breath. His security SUV waits at a distance.

Kazim washes his hands and feet and then rolls out his prayer mat. He whispers his prayers then Allahu Akbar and then he prostrates himself. He does it again and again. His wife watches from the doorway then leaves him to it. Jamal lie sin bed and Leila tells him it might work. He tells her not to talk about it (his penis that is). She says the doctor said it might and tells him they could try.

Jamal says if they try and he fails, he’ll feel worse. He tells her to change the subject. Molly is up getting dressed when Barry comes in. He tells her he couldn’t sleep and says it’s the 23rd. He says it’s an anniversary he’d like to forget. She hugs him and he goes to take a shower.

Nimaat tells Kizam she saw him praying and he asks if it’s a problem. Salim tells his mom he’s tired of just bread and she says it’s all they have. Kazim leaves the table and says he’s going to see a man. She asks if it’s about a job and he says yes. He tells Salim and Nasreen that soon they will have more than bread for breakfast and will have all the fruit, eggs and cheese he can eat. He tries to kiss Nimaat but she tells him to return with work if he wants a kiss.

Molly and Barry sit at breakfast and the kids come in. She tells them that Barry wants Uncle Jamal to acknowledge the gas attacks in Ma’an. Emma says it’s the least he can do and reminds them that 20,000 people were killed. Sammy says they were trying to kill them but Emma isn’t having it. Sammy asks Emma what her problem is with them being royalty and Barry corrects him and says it’s not a monarchy.

Emma says they are just the grandchildren of a war criminal. Molly scolds her. Emma asks Reema the servant if people still talk about what happened in Ma’an. She says not really but is nervous and Molly tells them not to put her on the spot. She tells Reema she’s sorry and the woman leaves.

Two workers are putting up a giant placard of Jamal over top of the one of his father. Kazim comes into the square before the display and shouts out – never forget Ma’an. He says never forget the crimes against humanity and says like father like son. He spreads out a flag and says down with the tyrants. He douses the flag with gas while he shouts then puts the flag around him and kneels.

He lays it across him like a shroud and then pulls out a lighter and immolates himself while a crowd watches. The worker shoots video of it on his phone and the other worker tells him not to do it. He says he will lose his job and tells him to do his work. The young man is horrified but goes bac to work as Kazim burns himself alive while others stand around watching.

Later, people lights candles around the site where Kazim killed himself. Ihab tells Nimaat that Kazim was a great hero of the resistance and promises him a great martyr’s funeral. She says to just leave her house and one of the sons tells Ihab that he wants to be a hero like his father. Ihab says he didn’t know Kazim well but says he knew he worked hard to take care of them until the Al Fayeed’s replaced him with one of their cronies.

He tells her that their time is coming to an end and her husband’s courage will be remembered as the first great act of defiance of their liberation. He wishes her peace and he and his men leave. Nimaat cries and holds her son. Someone is listening to her home and they play the sound footage for the council the next day. Jamal says Ihab was behind all this and Tariq reminds them he had him in custody.

Tariq says Ihab is an enemy of the state and they need to clear the square. Barry says it’s a peaceful protest and is a basic human right. He tells him if they haul them off it will look horrible on YouTube. Barry says Jamal should go to the square and express regret for what happened in Ma’an. Barry says Ihab is trying to claim the moral high ground by tying Jamal to their father’s crime in gassing those people.

Tariq doesn’t see it as a crime – he says he was happy to carry out the order. Barry tells Jamal not to let him and says he needs to show the people that he will rule differently and respects their rights. Jamal agrees with Barry and tells Tariq that he is the true voice of Abbuddin not the terrorist and says the people will be thrilled at his words. They all stand as Jamal leaves. Tariq glares at Barry.

Sammy calls Abdul and gets his voice mail. He asks him why he’s not calling him back then hangs up as his cousin comes in. Ahmed has his trainer Anna – an East German. She was a decathlete at the 88 Olympics. He tells him Nusrat has been under the weather and he wants to take her to the club tonight. He says he and Emma have to come. He says the Nasr twins are coming and are hot.

He tells him he and Abdul can each have one of the girls. He agrees when he hears that Abdul is coming. Ahmed tells him that Abdul goes where he goes. At the square, there are more protestors than before. Fauzi finds Samira there handing out flyers and asks where she’s been. She says, where I belong. He tells her that it’s not safe and she should be home with him.

Samira says she’s done waiting on freedom and will make it happen. He reminds her that she was already arrested. She says the reason he hasn’t been arrested is because he is no threat. He tells her to come home with him but some other protestors tell him to leave her alone and says she’s doing the righteous thing. She tells him she knows Ihab isn’t perfect but says she wants to give him a chance and asks him to stay there with her.

Reema watches the protest on the news while she cleans. There is a newsman saying that Jamal is the son of the butcher of Abbuddin. She clicks it off when Molly comes in and begs her forgiveness. She says it’s against the law and can only watch what is allowed. Molly asks if she can be arrested for watching the news. Then she asks Reema if people don’t talk about Ma’an because she’s scared and the woman begs her not to say anymore and she leaves.

In the car with Leila, Jamal rehearses his speech. Barry is there as well. Leila asks why he would apologize for something his father did when he was just a child. Barry tells Leila that they follow Ihab because he’s given them a voice. Ihab is making a speech at the square and says that the security forces are making it safe for Jamal to come among them like a Pharoah.

He tells them he’s standing there as a man and a servant of Allah and not someone who inherited the country on their birth. He asks the crowd who lost someone 20 years ago in Ma’an and many hands go up. He says he too lost someone – his mother. He says he saw blood come out her mouth and eyes and then his father was exiled with scarred lungs his only reminder of home.

Ihab says the Al Fayeed’s offer platitudes instead of work and food. He says the people of Abbudin have asked for little and that’s what they’ve gotten back from them. He says they are there to tell the Al Fayeed’s that their day is done. The crowd repeats this as a chant and burns an effigy as Jamal pulls up in his car. The crowd attacks the car and beats at the windows and Jamal tells his driver to drive on. He tears up his speech and says tomorrow there will only be pigeons in the square.

At the club, Ahmed and the others party hard. They head up into the VIP area. He introduces Emma and Sammy to the twins – Nashina and Sabina. Nusrat is there too having fun. Allison, a waitress, comes up and Ahmed say she’s his favorite – she’s a cute blonde American and kisses his cheek and hands him a bottle of champagne that he guzzles from.

Sammy tells Abdul he’s been leaving him messages and he tells Sammy he needs to stop doing that. He asks if he’s going to just blow him then blow him off and Abdul says it was just a hook-up but Sammy says it was more. Abdul walks off and hugs Ahmed. He pours champagne for all of them. Sammy watches annoyed.

Jamal is watching porn and trying to get hard when he’s interrupted by Leila. She tells him John Tucker is on the way over and he asks why. She says she asked him to because he will need the Americans after he clears the square. He asks why and she says for political cover from the UN and the EU and the human rights watchdogs. He asks if the Americans will stand with him and she says if they want to keep their base in their country they will. Jamal says clearing the square sounds antiseptic but people will die. She says those who don’t will understand that he’s strong and carry that lesson home with them. She tells him to suit up.

Barry calls Fauzi and says he needs to talk to him. He says they need to talk in person but not at the square. They agree to meet at a cafe near the plaza in an hour. Fauzi watches the demonstrators party and dance. Then we cut back to the club where the rich and privileged dance and party. The two are a stark contrast in decadence versus poverty. Freedom for the upper class versus freedom denied to the lower.

Nashina dances with Sammy and says he’s a good dancer then asks if he has a girlfriend. He says no. He stares at Abdul. Ahmed tells Emma about his sportscars. She asks why he needs two and he says because he can. Nusrat tells him not to be rude to Emma. She tells him that there are hungry people in his country. He asks why he should care about them.

She says a man who was unemployed for a year lit himself on fire and says that Ahmed shouldn’t be laughing about it. Ahmed tells her she’s not fun and says he wants to dance. He asks Nusrat to dance but she says she’s going to have a cigarette with Emma. Abdul watches Sammy and Ahmed asks what he’s looking at. He says nothing and Ahmed orders him to get him another bottle. Abdul suggests that he take a break from the booze but he orders him to go so Abdul does.

Jamal is in his suit and ready to chat when John Tucker comes in. He thanks him for coming at such a late hour and John says he heard about his aborted trip to the plaza. Jamal says that he’s sending in a force to clear the plaza at dawn and he expects the US to issue a statement condemning the excessive force. John asks how excessive it will be and Jamal says as much as it needs to be.

Jamal says he assumes that he’ll have no real problem with the US except for their pro forma objection. Jamal asks how many bodies will cause a problem and John says the wrong one could cause a problem if it was a college co-ed. Jamal threatens the naval base and they seem to have an accord. John says the naval base lease is with the nation not with the Al Fayeed’s. He reminds him that they have Guantanamo but don’t truck with Castro. Jamal asks what this means and John says patience is finite. He leaves.

At the club Ahmed tells Sammy that American think that everyone has a right to everything but there is only so much room in the VIP section. Abdul comes up with a tray and Ahmed bumps him and the Cristal goes flying then Ahmed goes flying into a rage and says Abdul did it on purpose because he didn’t want him drinking anymore.

He tells Abdul to give him his pants so he doesn’t have to walk out looking like he pissed himself. Sammy defends Abdul. Abdul says it was his fault and Ahmed asks where his wife is. Abdul stomps off annoyed.

Molly tells Barry she’s worried about the kids being out so late and he says they can’t keep them locked in the palace. He’s putting on his coat and she asks where he’s going. He says Fauzi is blogging from the square and he’s going to meet him. He says he needs to warn the people before. She asks before what and he says Jamal gave Tariq permission to send in the storm troopers in the morning.

Molly tells him it’s not safe for him to be down there and he tells her it’s not safe for anyone down there. Molly tells him she’s not the enemy when he gets angry. She tells him she’s on his side and he says she shouldn’t be because he has no clue. He tells her he pushed Jamal to release Ihab and this happened. He says he just didn’t want Jamal to be like his dad but what will happen in the morning there is his fault.

Molly tells him that Reema told her today that they’ve all been living in fear for 20 years and the people have had enough. She says he didn’t make Ihab what he is, his father did and if he had left him jail he would have been martyred and it could have been worse by now. Barry says that Ihab is nearly as vicious as Jamal and Molly says you can’t subjugate a people for 20 years and expect them all to be as mellow as Nelson Mandela was.

Molly says it took a century to get peace in Northern Ireland and things are still bad in Kashmir. She says the people here are scared and broken and he can’t fix it over a long weekend. She says getting the two sides to move even an inch closer to each other is a win. He tells her he’ll be okay, kisses her and leaves.

Sammy and Emma come back to the palace and Sammy gets a text. He tells Emma he’s going to head to the kitchen for a snack. She heads upstairs and he goes to meet Abdul. Abdul apologizes to him and Sammy says he doesn’t understand. Abdul says his family are nobodies and Sammy says he doesn’t care. Abdul says he gets invited along because of the way he looks and dresses but he’s there at their pleasure and could be gone in a snap. He says that’s why Ahmed can treat him like he wants.

Abdul says that’s also why they can’t be together. He says if Sammy gets caught he can go home but Abdul has no place else to go. Sammy asks why he didn’t just ignore him from the start. Abdul says he thought he was only visiting so he took a chance and says he’s sorry if he hurt him.

Barry meets Fauzi at the cafe. Fauzi asks what’s so important and why he couldn’t tell him on the phone. Barry says Tariq and Ziad are listening to his calls. He tells Fauzi that forces are coming at dawn to clear the plaza. He says he and Samira should be gone. Fauzi says that’s what everyone has been expecting since the protest started.
Barry says coming to warn him is possibly an act of treason and says he’s his friend and doesn’t want him to die. Fauzi tells him to go hell. He says that instead of Barry warning him to leave, he should be in the plaza with them. Barry said he tried to come and almost got lynched and Fauzi says that’s because he came in a limo with palace security.

He says he shoud have walked in as a man and citizen of Abbudin. Barry asks and then what and Fauzi says that he needs to get his hands dirty and get involved. Barry says he won’t support Ihab and Fauzi says he has no illusions about Ihab. He says the people are done being told how to lead their lives. He says Samira just wants to have freedom to read the books she wants to read.

Barry says she’s risking her life and Fauzi tells him whatever happens he’ll be standing next to her. Barry asks him to wait he goes to walk away.

Molly comes to see Emma and asks how it was at the club. Emma isn’t happy and Molly asks her to tell her what went on. Emma says she just wants to go home. Molly tells her it’s okay and Emma says it’s not. Emma says there are things seriously wrong with this place.

Jamal talks to Tariq and he tells his nephew he’ll move at dawn and use tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons. Jamal asks what if that’s not enough. Tariq says then they will use live ammo. Jamal says it will be a bloodbath and Tariq says it usually doesn’t take that many corpses to discourage idealists. Jamal looks on his tablet at footage of Gadaffi being attacked and ripped apart by his people.

Barry shows up and Jamal says he has to call him back. Jamal asks why he sent him the footage and Barry says that’s his future if he lets Tariq do what he wants. Jamal asks if he knows they sodomized Gadaffi with a bayonet before they shot it. Barry tells him that Gadaffi was on his way to commit mass slaughter when they got him.

Barry tells him not to use violence because it doesn’t work. He says he set up a meeting with Ihab. Barry says Ihab is willing to meet him and it may be things they can agree to peacefully rather than killing. Barry says the people are willing to die to be heard and asks if he’s willing to kill them all. Barry says this is the only alternative.

Jamal sits and looks at his brother. He looks at the frozen footage of Gadaffi on his tablet. Barry says he can go down in history as another brutal dictator or a leader who had the courage to listen to his people. He asks Jamal who he wants to be.

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Filming in Morocco 

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