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Two teams pay the penalty on The Amazing Race Canada

CTV The father-and-daughter teams of Neil and Kristin, left, and Ope, far right, and Simi learn they are still in the hunt on this week's episode of The Amazing Race Canada. (Photograph by: CTV , Calgary Herald)

The Amazing Race Canada turns its lens on a little-known corner of the country in this week’s episode: Quebec’s Magdalen Islands. Great for viewers — the archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence off Prince Edward Island is a picturesque dream, all sprawling sandy beaches and rolling hills — but less so for the eight remaining teams — the leg turns out to be a gruelling slog that puts them through the grinder. Here are the three things you need to know about this week’s episode:

Matt buries Nick up to his neck in sand during a challenge on The Amazing Race Canada.Quotable quotes

The Racers are a pretty pithy lot, quick with the quip and the comebacks. Wrestlers Nick and Matt are consistent standouts —“I felt like Patrick Swayze in Ghost there. They completely ignored me,” Nick said after Hamilton and Michaelia bypassed him without a word after he said “Hello,” in last week’s episode — but they had some competition this week. “Married, no kids, but still like the boys,” Brian cautions Cynthia as she flings shovelfuls of sand on his nether regions during the Roadblock. In the same challenge — one team member buries their partner up to their necks and then constructs a sand castle around them — Nick opines, “I’ve had dreams that end like this,” as Matt steadily covers him in grit. Fave quote of the episode has to go to Jesse, though, as he encourages his brother during the cow-milking portion of the Detour: “C’mon, Gino, work those nipples!”


Brian and Cynthia meet up with Gino and Jesse during the Faceoff challenge in the Magdalen Islands on The Amazing Race Canada.Penalty Shot

That’s the thing about the Race: you never know what is going to happen. Take the Faceoff, for instance: in this new twist on the game, teams go head to head in a match of kayak hockey. The winners move on while the losers have to wait for the next team to arrive so they can try again. It doesn’t pan out that way, however. Simi and Ope give up after losing to three other teams in a row. They’re cold and tired of standing around waiting. Instant four-hour penalty. Neil and Kristin, meanwhile, take the same punishment after not even attempting the Faceoff. (Kristin’s muscles are horribly cramped after all that time buried under the chilly sand in the Roadblock. She went to the hospital and everything.) This means perennial latecomers Nic and Sabrina have no one to play in kayak hockey and simply move on.


Nic and Sabrina were at the back of the pack on the leg through the Magdalen Islands, but the couple from Montreal benefitted when two other teams took four-hour penalties on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race Canada.Double U-Turn

But that luck quickly runs out. When Nic and Sabrina hit the Double U-Turn, they find Brent and Sean have U-turned them after the brothers were U-Turned themselves by Gino and Jess in a bid to make them play their Express Pass. (Doesn’t work: Brent and Sean power through both sides of the task with ease, so they still have that power play in their pocket.) The duo from Montreal can’t do the other side of the Detour, as it’s too dark for horseback riding. Instead, they wait a predetermined amount of time, and then move on to the Pit Stop. There, Nic and Sabrina learn that rather than being in last place, they are in sixth spot, due to those dual four-hour penalties. Neil and Kristin are just ahead of Simi and Ope, but it’s all moot: the Race is still on as host Jon Montgomery hands the teams their next clues. This means first-place finishers Gino and Jesse likely won’t have any time advantage as the teams head to the next location.


Next week: Teams fly to Sudbury, where a challenge-packed leg includes eating bugs, swimming (poor Ope!) and a CPR challenge that executive producer John Brunton thinks will save lives in the real world.

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada airs Wednesday on CTV.

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