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Truth Be Told - Season 1

Truth Be Told (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Ecosystem"

"The Ecosystem"

Mitch and Angie search for common ground during an unexpected lunch date; Tracy regrets inviting Russell to work out of her office.

When Mitch accidentally invites Angie to lunch, they're forced to spend the afternoon together despite never having hung out one-on-one before. But surprisingly, they learn they have a lot in common, including similar upbringings as the responsible ones in the family. As a result, Mitch and Angie decide to do something crazy together: smoke pot. While high, Mitch comes clean about the accidental invite, but also admits he's glad he and Angie got to know each other better.

Meanwhile, Tracy invites Russell to work out of her office so he can get some writing done. Instead, Russell ends up befriending Tracy's team and learns they all hate her for being strict. Under Russell's guidance, Tracy loosens up, but her lax attitude backfires when she's forced to pick up the slack and spend more time at work and less time with Sadie. Realizing he's screwed up, Russell makes it up to Tracy by distracting her boss so she can sneak away to attend reading hour at Sadie's school.

Truth Be Told - Season 1

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