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Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Love Thy Neighbor"

"Love Thy Neighbor"

Mitch's plan to befriend the new neighbors hits a snag when their barking dog keeps Sadie up all night.

When a gay couple moves into the neighborhood, Mitch is determined to befriend them, but Tracy is less than pleased when the pair's barking dog keeps Sadie up at night. Unfortunately for Mitch, Steve and Stephen are as unimpressed with him and Tracy as Tracy is with them, especially after learning Sadie is the one who has been drawing on their sidewalk. Mitch still tries to be friendly, until he learns The Steves are seeking donations for their dog's medical bills. At the pooch's fundraiser, Mitch loses it on them for abusing the neighborhood's kindness. Realizing he's right, Steve and Stephen make it up to everyone by using the money they raised to buy a neighboring boy a birthday present.

Meanwhile, Russell and Angie dance around the decision to have kids when Russell becomes obsessed with getting a dog. To prove he can be a responsible pet parent, Russell babysits his friend's Chihuahua. Angie is surprised to see Russell take on responsibility so easily and worries he might have changed his mind about not having children. But when she brings it up with him, Russell maintains he doesn't want kids and a dog is more than enough work. His answer makes Angie realize it's she who's changed her mind.

Truth Be Told

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