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Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Guess Who's Coming to Decorate"

"Guess Who's Coming to Decorate"

Angie unknowingly hires Russell's ex as an interior decorator, while Tracy tries to teach Sadie about her heritage.

After Angie (Bresha Webb) learns her favorite sweatshirt of Russell's (Tone Bell) actually belonged to his ex-girlfriend, she decides it's time to rid their house of his exes' influence, starting with redecorating the living room. But as luck would have it, the interior decorator Angie hires ends up being Russell's ex, Kiki (Briga Heelan). More shocking to Angie, Kiki is white. Russell admits he should've disclosed his relationship with Kiki and her race earlier, but assures Angie she's the only one he wants to spend his life with now.

Meanwhile, Tracy (Vanessa Lachey) buys daughter Sadie a Filipina Barbie so she can embrace her heritage, but Sadie rejects it in favor of the blonde Barbie. Tracy then cooks a traditional Filipino dinner to try and interest Sadie, but she still doesn't budge - until a blonde Ken doll enters the picture and Sadie embraces the dolls for resembling her parents.

Truth Be Told

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