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Truth Be Told nbc

Truth Be Told (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Adult Content"

"Adult Content"

Mitch advises Russell on how to break it to the wives that he scored VIP passes to the Adult Film Awards.

When Russell scores tickets to the Adult Film Awards, Mitch and Tracy are only too happy to show him and Angie how to navigate such a situation in a successful marriage. Mitch tells the wives immediately to get their permission to go, while Tracy encourages Angie to trust her man. Angie agrees but soon has second thoughts when she sees Russell receiving flirty messages from fans on Twitter. The exchange makes her realize she doesn't know what her husband does when she's not there. Angie's anxiousness in turn leads Tracy to panic. She calls Mitch, who assures her he won't go if she's feeling uncomfortable. Russell is shocked, but Mitch promises his pals Tracy will call back and give them the greenlight.

By the time Tracy does, though, the guys are already arriving at the awards. Russell calls out Mitch for lying after all, but Mitch refuses to believe that's what he did and calls Tracy for backup. She responds by hanging up on him. While Mitch wants to go to the awards anyway, Russell instructs the Uber driver to head to Mitch's house. Mitch and Tracy quickly reconcile but realize they're in no position to be giving marriage advice. Russell, meanwhile, has a run-in with a tipsy Angie and decides he'd rather spend the night with his wife. Tracy excitedly takes his place.


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