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Season 7 Episode 10

"Thank You"

Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee). Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button] a-happy-ending-true-blood-s7e10


We open with Sookie and Bill talking about their situation. He references his tombstone and how it is essentially a lie. Bill thinks the best thing for Sookie is to move past him. He thinks there is a normal progression to existence and he feels he's ready for the end. Bill then asks Sookie to use her light to give him the true death. He points out this would be the way for her to becomes human and have a normal life. She is so bothered by the suggestion that she asks him to leave.

Eric tells Pam his plan is to set Sarah free and kill Gus Jr. He glamours Sarah into drinking some of Pam's blood so they'll always be able to find her. They set Sarah free. Gus Jr. comes down with his men. Eric and Pam kill them, then burn Gus Jr. as he attempts to escape in a tunnel. Eric kills two more of Gus Jr.'s men outside and takes their car.

Pam finds Sarah eating trash at an amusement park. Sarah tells Pam she wants to be a vampire and asks her to turn her. Pam isn't interested, even when Sarah promises sexual favors. Pam then begins to feed on Sarah, since she "hasn't been vaccinated yet."

Jessica drops by Bill's place with Hoyt. She doesn't want him to die, but she understands. Bill then asks Hoyt if Jessica's the reason he's still around and if it's possible he'll eventually ask her to marry him. Hoyt says yes and asks her if she'd like to marry her. Jessica then asks for a minute alone with Bill. Bill tells Jessica he wasn't able to give his daughter away. He knows he doesn't have much time left. She says that if Hoyt does really want to marry her she'd like it to be that day.

Sookie flashes back to her childhood memory being with Tara and her Gran. A young Sookie tells Tara she doesn't think she'll ever want to get married. Gran hears this and tells Sookie there are no limits on her happiness.

Sookie drops by Jason's place looking to speak with him. She talks to Bridgette about Hoyt and hears in her thoughts that she likes her brother. Sookie goes to Jason's room and tells him what Bill suggested about her killing him. Jason says he'll love her either way. Hoyt calls the house looking for Jason. At the same time Jessica calls Sookie. Hoyt wants Jason to be his best man and Jessica is looking for a wedding dress.

Andy, Holly and Arlene arrive at Bill's for the wedding. Bill asks Andy back to his office and tells him that technically he's Bill's eldest remaining heir. When he dies Andy will get the house and asks him if the can rent it to Jessica and Hoyt, essentially for free. Andy agrees.

Jason helps get Hoyt dressed. He says he's happy they're friends again, even it took getting punched in the eye.

The wedding begins. Bill walks Jessica down the aisle. During the ceremony Sookie begins to hear Bill's thoughts. Bill thinks about how much he loves Sookie and that he wants Sookie to eventually experience what Jessica and Hoyt have.

In the car after the wedding Sookie tells Jason about hearing Bill's thoughts. Sookie tells Jason she'd support him sleeping with Bridgette on the way to the airport.

Sookie asks Daniels for advice. She says she's tired of being who she is. He thinks God wants us to exercise our free will to make decisions.

Sookie calls Bill and tells him she's made arrangement with the cemetery. She'll do it that night.

Sookie meets Bill in the cemetery. They embrace and he thanks her. He climbs down into the open grave and opens the casket. Inside is a photo of him with his daughter. He climbs inside the casket and tells Sookie "I'm ready." She summons her light and pauses. She tells him she's not ready to give up being a faerie. It's a part of her, just like he is. She says she can't use her light and apologizes. He says he still wants to die. She breaks a shovel in half and climbs down in with the makeshift stake. They tell each other they love one another and kiss. She places the stake on his chest and he helps guide it into his chest. He explodes into vampire goo and Sookie weeps. She closes the casket and covers the basket with dirt before leaving.

We see Eric and Pam filming a commercial for New Blood. They say they could never find Sarah, but used a few drops of her blood to synthesize their product. We see that three years later Eric and Pam are successful enough to open the stock market.

We cut to the Thanksgiving following that stock market clip. Jason and Bridgette have three kids and Sookie is very pregnant.

At Fangtasia we see that Sarah is being kept in the basement. Pam is charging vampires $100,000 for a minute to drink from Sarah. Sarah is losing her mind and tells a vision of Steve that she's not thankful for anything.

We see the huge nighttime Thanksgiving feast at Sookie's. Most of the couples appear to still be together. Sookie hugs a man we don't see who is clearly her husband. The series ends.



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