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Coronation Street - Ep 9154

Monday 1 May 2017 - 1st Ep

Amy Barlow’s [ELLE MULLVANEY]  unimpressed to find herself staying at a cottage in the Peak District. Sending her out to get some fresh air, Tracy Barlow [KATE FORD] assures a hiding Rob that she’ll explain all to Amy soon. 

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‘Tracy and Rob want a peaceful life, but they’ll never get it,’ says Corrie’s Marc Baylis

Rob Donovan has escaped from prison and run straight to Tracy Barlow for help, which she gives him. But do they really have a future together? Corrie’s Marc Baylis shares his thoughts

Prison escapee Rob Donovan has run to Tracy Barlow, the love of his life. “But really it’s a hopeless situation for Rob and Tracy,” Marc Baylis told Soaplife.

“Ultimately they are doomed, but they’re passionately in love and will stay together for as long as they can.”

Surely the law will soon catch up with them?
“Can’t say, I’m afraid. We don’t want to give too much away because we don’t want to spoil it for the viewers. What I can reveal is that it’s a do-or-die situation he is in so there’s no real plan – it’s very much minute-by-minute.”

Knowing Rob, he’ll make the wrong decisions!
“Ha, ha, ha! The irony is that Rob is constantly asking himself what is the right thing to do, but also constantly changing his mind. Rob and Tracy [Kate Ford] are two tainted characters so there’s a lot of scope with them. Humour as well as edge-of-your-seat stuff.”

Has being in jail changed Rob at all?
“There’s a remorse to him now. He really regrets killing Tina McIntyre – that will never leave him. The last time we saw him on screen there was a lot of bitterness towards Tracy because he felt she’d betrayed him by turning him in to the police. He still really loves her, though, and now understands why she did what she did.”

What would be his dream life with Tracy?
“He’d be happy with just a two-up, two-down for the two of them. Both Rob and Tracy would love a happy, peaceful life, but because of their respective baggage that’s never going to happen.”

If Rob could somehow return to the Street on a more permanent basis, would you be interested?
“Absolutely. I love playing the character, I love the show, and if the producers and writers feel I have something I can offer and the storyline is good, I’m 100 per cent behind that.”

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