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Season 3 Episode 2

"Mo' Marriage, Mo' Problems"

John worries about Nikki; The Funkadactyls might break up, Bryan tells Brie shocking news...[button color="pink" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



John questions Nikki after finding medical supplies in their home. Nikki Bella confesses to John Cena about freezing her eggs.

Nikki can’t quite remember how to pronounce “DeLorean.” John finds Nikki’s confusion over a car endearing.

Nikki and John talk about her intentions for freezing her eggs. John Cena worries he may lose Nikki Bella.

Trinity and Ariane also split up ... professionally. They were called in to see the WWE Director of Talent Relations and told that it was over between them.

Cameron worries about her future. She looks for support after a recording session.

Is this the end for The Funkadactyls? Naomi is disappointed that Cameron wants to return to NXT.

Bryan learns he needs neck surgery and that his recuperation could cost him his titles. Worse yet, he says that he will be off the tour for the foreseeable future. Brie worries about her husband’s health and future. Daniel tells Brie Bella he must undergo emergency surgery.


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