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Tori’s life is in danger!

Tori lays unconscious as Nate rings her phone and tells her that he knows the truth about his CareFlight job opportunity and wants them to be together. When Tori finally wakes up, she sees the menacing mystery man staring back at her. She attacks him and manages to run off into the bushes, but it doesn’t take long for her kidnapper to track her down again. Once captured, Tori is forced to make a phone call. Who is she ringing and why?

Meanwhile, Billie flies off the handle when she finds out that Irene’s son, Mick, is going to be released from the psychiatric institution. Billie decides to pay a visit to Irene, but will she say something she regrets?

Also, Justin finally tells Phoebe he loves her – but will she say it back?


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