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Tom Arnold: “I was joking”

After media concluded much from Tom Arnold’s tweet about his $600 – $700k salary from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, the US comedian now says he was just joshin.’

Hey @TomArnold the Channel 10 Network in Australia say you have "grossly inflated" the money you were paid to go into the jungle. Reaction?

Was joking. I don't even what I got. and it's a violation for anyone to seriously discuss. I got $1 for every maggot I ate so could be close 

His new tweet follows a statement by TEN to quell the speculation he was paid up to $AU900,000.

“Every year, we see inflated figures thrown around by celebrities. Unfortunately we are contractually unable to refute it as Network TEN does not disclose confidential contract details.”

So was Arnold really joking? Or did someone have a word to his management?

As he now indicates, it’s a contract breach to publicly discuss rates. That’s because the network still has to negotiate salaries for subsequent seasons and every other show on its books. While the current cast wouldn’t learn of his fee until they have departed, there are still 2 hosts on the show who have full access to his revelation.

If salaries become public knowledge it puts more negotiating power in the hands of talent to up their fees.

It also isn’t a great look when the network has had to tell shareholders they are facing a full-year earnings loss of $20 million to $30 million.

With a staff of around 400 in South Africa -more than half of whom are Aussies- the pricetag for the show must be one of the biggest in the biz.

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