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TiVo announces Australia / NZ exit

Digital recording device TiVo is quitting Australia and New Zealand, nine years after its launch.

Hybrid TV Australia, under license from TiVo (US), will decommission its EPG on October 31 2017.

That will make auto-recording ineffective for owners of TiVo models, left with manual-only recording.

TiVo advises the following features will stop working:

Season Pass recording functionality;
WishList recording functionality;
TiVo Suggestions recording functionality;
TiVo Genie remote scheduling functionality.

TiVo is offering Australian customers who connected to the service in the past six months a $100 discount on the Fetch Mighty PVR at $299 through Harvey Norman’s website.

TiVo launched in Australia in 2008, with considerable fanfare, through Seven and TVNZ.  It came with a $699 pricetag and no subscription, but without the ad-skipping function which was available in the US.

At the time Seven CEO David Leckie described it as “The world’s best DVR.”

A key home networking feature that allowed users to transfer content between their PC and TiVo, was also offered as a $199 upgrade later, despite it being part of the base model in the US.

Hybrid TV boss Robbee Mincola Seven departed the company in 2011 while Seven exited its interests in 2014.

In November users were worried they were being abandoned after the EPG went weeks without an update. They were right.

Today TiVo told its users, “Please think of the environment and dispose of this device at your local e-cycling facility.”

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