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Time ticks away for one team as The Amazing Race Canada goes running back to Saskatoon

Time ticks away for one team as The Amazing Race Canada goes running back to Saskatoon
 CTV Brothers Brent, left, and Sean were first to the Pit Stop in Saskatoon on The Amazing Race Canada, winning tickets for two to France from Air Canada and a year's worth of gas from Petro-Canada. **Embargoed until 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015.** | Photograph by: CTV , Calgary Herald

It’s just past the halfway point on the third season of The Amazing Race Canada and the competition is getting fierce. The field has narrowed and the seven remaining teams have to step up their game as they travel from Sudbury to Saskatoon. Here are the three things you need to know about this week’s episode:

Brent, in the yellow, and Sean use their Express Pass to bypass the first challenge in Saskatoon on The Amazing Race Canada.


Those numbers don’t add up

When teams land at the airport, they face a tough challenge on the tarmac. Using a set mathematical formula, they must create a combination of routes to three continents that equal exactly 25 hours of flight time. My notes on this read: “Math — blah, blah, blah.” Brent and Sean feel the same way and unleash their Express Pass, skipping to the next task. Ditto Dujean and Leilani. “We are both terrible at math, and by terrible I mean the worst,” Leilani says. As they lack the magical Express Pass, they take a two-hour penalty and move on. Shortly after, Neil and Kristin make the same choice, a risky one considering there are two teams ahead of them. The remaining teams — sans Ope and Simi — band together and make short work of the task once Gino and Jesse figure out that they should use minutes, rather than hours, in their calculations. If there were cartoon bubbles over the teams that took the penalty, they’d read “Ruh roh!” right about now.


Nick, left, and Matt switch tasks at the Detour, doing better at hoop dancing than they did at erecting a teepee.Not-so-cool customers

Sure, viewers expect tightly wound Brian to be testy — and he doesn’t disappoint, sniping at Cynthia during the trampoline challenge, “I am telling you, I know my body!” and later snapping “What are you going to do? Give me a time out?” when she tells him to relax when they are lost driving to a challenge — but this leg put even Nick to the test. The ever-jovial school teacher/pro wrestler comes close to losing his cool during the Detour. Even the big man gets tied up in knots during the tepee challenge. “I am very, very close to losing my mind. Matt may have had a dream about building a teepee, but it’s quickly becoming a nightmare,” he grouses. He and Matt eventually switch to hoop dancing, as do Kristin and Neil. Brian regains his cool and offers Mary, the elder at the challenge, his sincere thanks.


Father-and-daughter teams Ope and Simi, left, and Neil and Kristin at the Pit Stop in Saskatoon on The Amazing Race Canada. Due to their decision to take a time penalty rather than complete a challenge, Neil and Kristin were eliminated.Decisions, decisions

Choosing to take the penalty was the right move for Dujean and Leilani, who arrive third to the Pit Stop (behind Gino and Jesse) and hold on to that spot, despite having to wait 120 minutes. For Neil and Kristin, however, the same decision works out differently. They arrive fourth, but Brian and Cynthia and the wrestlers hit the mat before that penalty expires. And Ope and Simi, despite being at the back of the field, make it through in the nick of time after powering through the hoop dancing challenge. Neil and Kristin are eliminated by the merest of margins.

Brent and Sean finish first, despite dry heaving their way to the Pit Stop. (I’m not making this up.) “Oh, my ankles, my back!” “Oh my God, it’s so far!” “First place, first place, first place!” Sean is actually throwing up beside the mat (after face planting a few metres back) as host Jon Montgomery dies with laughter. Despite their troubled tummies, the pair wins the leg and two tickets to Paris and gas for a year along with it. Nice day-early birthday present, Brent! Hope you kept the cake down!

Next week: The Race heads overseas for the second time this season, and competitors melt down in Kolkata, India. (Trust me, I was there during filming of the episode: it’s nuts!)

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada airs Wednesdays on CTV.

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