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Season 1 Episode 1


Newly promoted homicide detective Catherine Jensen (Chlo Sevigny), tracks down a serial killer while attempting to come to terms with her past. Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaeffer (James D'Arcy), a forensic psychologist, to help her get into the minds of serial killers, while luring Schaeffer into her own personal investigation....

>>>> Premieres March 3, 2014 <<<<


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Catherine is a newly appointed Detective in the Pittsburgh Police Department's Homicide Division. She's an intelligent, fearless, strong, determined, woman whose work is her life, professional yet with an air of sadness, or possibly anger, that drives her. A woman of enormous empathy towards murder victims, for whom they are never just a body or a name. Fast becoming a favorite of her superior, Captain Bisgaard, for her courage, intuition and dedication, Catherine can also be a thorn in his side for her lack of following protocol and "do whatever it takes" attitude. She brings a deeply personal gift to the job, having been a victim of her dark past.




Thomas is a forensic psychologist, author and professor. Thomas is uniquely talented, with the ability to get deeply inside the mind of a serial killer – sometimes so deeply that he "loses himself" and has to be brought back to reality. Thomas cannot deny Catherine's offer to help with the Pittsburgh Police Department's investigation of bizarre murders, even though he has a turbulent history with the police captain. Thomas is the perfect partner for Catherine, whose own hidden psychological frailties he understands. Thomas is a family man, happily married to his wife Benedicte and father of their son, but his work can put his family in jeopardy.




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