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The X Factor 2015: The First Kings poise themselves to steal One Direction’s crown

IF THE revamped panel and various much-needed makeovers to this year’s The X Factor haven’t been enough to save the flailing singing show, the talent just might.

The-First-Kings-601867Syco/Diamond Thames/PA | The First Kings exploded on stage with their rendition of Uptown Funk

Last night saw some of the best first auditions in the contest’s history and tonight followed with more promise that this series could just be the best yet.

From The First Kings’ swooping in with their bid to become the biggest pop act on the planet to the heartbreaking final scenes with a teary Simon Cowell, episode two of The X Factor proved last night’s opener wasn’t just a one off.

Another four acts belted their way through to boot camp and gave another four reasons to get very, very excited about the season ahead.


The First Kings


Will The First Kings will the One Direction shaped hole in our hearts?

While speculation has been rife this week with who could possibly be lined up to fill the massive shoes left behind by One Direction come their split in March, tonight’s episode of The X Factor may just have found the answer.

The First Kings exploded on stage with their slick VT and sensationally tight choreography to breathe a new lease of life into Uptown Funk, the track which has rang in ears across the world all year.

Finally we have a boyband with buckets of promise that look certain to have booked their ticket to the live shows.

Chloe Paige

Chloe-Paige-339426Syco/Diamond Thames/PA

Chloe Paige delivered a stunning performance of Katy B's Crying For No Reason

Two shows in and we already have three girls that would have trampled over their respective category last year – the third being tonight’s Chloe Paige whose rendition of Katy B’s Crying For No Reason was astonishing.

At just 21, the young hopeful sang with more conviction than perhaps her judges could ever dream of and could not have made the ballad anymore her own if she tried.

Cheryl called the performance “pure as water,” while Simon admitted through gritted teeth that he’d read the hopeful completely wrong, adding: “I thought you were going to squeaky and annoying but you were actually really, really good”.

Sean Miley Moore

Sean-Miley-Moore-339428Syco/Diamond Thames/PA

Sean Miley Moore could be the star of this year's series

Forget Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw, what The X Factor really needed, as it stands on its last legs, is Australian born Sean Miley Moore.

Strutting onto stage in a black PVC skirt, fishnet crop top and killer latex boots, the 24-year-old’s impossibly powerful rendition of Queen’s The Show Must Go On stopped the show in its tracks and blew all four judges away.

Also, he geniusly teased an intriguing vibrato to hint a clear indication that we haven’t even scratched the surface with the male powerhouse. If he doesn’t make it to the live shows, Sean’s absence would be the biggest crime committed in The X Factor history.

Josh Daniel

Josh-Daniel-339429Syco/Diamond Thames/PA

Josh Daniel silenced Simon Cowell to tears

21-year-old Josh Daniel closed tonight’s show with one of the most compelling auditions in years.

Elaborating on his choice to sing the Labrinth ballad Jealous, the car mechanic from Teesside revealed his best friend, who died to years ago, gave the song a whole new meaning. And his performance was breathtaking from the start throughout.

Simon, who lost his mother just days before, was unable to speak but gave the aspiring singer a congratulatory wink while Cheryl fought through her tears to give Josh a much-needed hug before Josh left the stage with three enormous thumbs up.

The night’s final moments were gut-wrechingly emotional for both the judges and audiences at home who flocked in their thousands to share their condolences for the music mogul.

The X Factor continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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