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THE WALKING DEAD (AMC) - The Ultimate Recap!


Season 5 Episode 1

"No Sanctuary"

We learn the true motives of the Terminans as Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Will they be able to work together? [button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Our heroes are in the boxcar, readying for war. Rick instructs his friends to go for the eyes, then the throats. They hold makeshift weapons and hold up their fists. Voices outside the boxcar tell them to line up against the back wall. Nobody listens.

Suddenly, a shaft of light from above ... then a gas canister falls to the ground. FLASH. Gas fills the boxcar. Rick is dragged outside by a Terminus resident in a gas mask, who kicks the lawman-in-a-former-life in the head for good measure. Rick is placed on a stainless steel table alongside Daryl, Glenn, Bob and three strangers. On a nearby table, a human body is being carved up like cattle. Food supply.

The killing begins. Two Terminus residents unmercifully crack skulls with a baseball bat, then cut throats. They get through three unfortunate prisoners. Next in line is Glenn. Rick fingers a shard of wood from the boxcar, desperate for a move. Any move. Suddenly, Gareth enters and demands a "shot count" from the executioners. He is cool. Dispassionate. Holding a clip board to keep track like a good administrator.

Bob pleads for the group's life. He explains that they know a man who can facilitate a cure. He explains that the group was on its way to Washington. Gareth dismisses Bob and turns to Rick. Gareth tells Rick that he saw them burying a bag. "What's in it?" ask Gareth while holding a knife to Bob's eye. Rick explains the bag holds guns -- lots of guns -- plus a machete with a red handle. "That's what I'm going to kill you with," Rick says. Gareth laughs. He then turns his attention back to his clipboard when ...

Gunfire outside. Getting closer. Then BANG. An explosion. The room shakes.

Earlier, Tyreese and Carol (holding Judith) walk along the train tracks toward Terminus. Carol explains that she'll walk with Tyreese to his destination, but she won't stay. A walker moves up behind them. "I can't," Tyreese whispers. "Not yet." Carol hands Judith to the big man, and then dispatches the walker herself with a knife to the brain. They turn -- movement in the woods. A horde of walkers approach from a nearby ridge.

Tyreese and Carol find cover -- and listen as distant rounds of gunfire echo in the direction of Terminus.

Later Tyreese and Carol come upon Martin, a Terminus resident out on patrol and looking for supplies. He talks into a walkie-talkie about the "chick with the sword" and "the kid with the hat" -- and how that hat will make a nice wardrobe addition when both are bled out. Well Carol doesn't take kindly to that, and holds a gun to Martin's head. Martin's claims innocence, but Carol isn't buying it. They tie up Martin, and then Carol heads out on her own. Tyreese and Judith stay behind with Martin.

Alone with Tyreese, Martin urges the big man to take his car and leave -- noting that Tyreese is far too humane to survive much longer. "You're a good guy," Martin says. "That's why you're going to die today. That's why the baby's going to die." Meanwhile, Carol has covered herself blood to walk among the walkers and approach Terminus. From the perimeter fence, she spots the earlier horde of walkers approaching a large propane tank. She shoots the tank, then fires a roman candle into the fray. BANG.

Inside the execution chamber, Gareth struggles to regain his feet and his composure. He tells the executioners to hold tight while he investigates. With Gareth out of the room, Rick doesn't wait long to make his move. He uses his shiv to break his bonds, then leaps up to stab one executioner in the head. The second gets it in the gut.

Outside, walkers are through the fence, along with still bloody and still disguised Carol. She ducks behind a doorway and takes out one of the Terminus soldiers with a headshot. Another she guns down with multiple rounds. Inside, Rick, Daryl and Glenn find the butcher's room, filled with human torsos on meat hooks. They help themselves to machetes and knives, then charge outside to find and free their friends.

Elsewhere, Carol wonders into a room filled with stacks of clothes, jewelry, weapons (including Daryl's bow) and children's toys. The possessions of the human dead. She takes the bow. Carol then enters a room with "Never again" and "Never trust" painted on the walls. A Terminus resident, a woman, emerges from the shadows with a gun. Carol whirls around and fires. The two tangle before Carol gets the upper hand, and shoots the woman in the leg. The woman explains that Terminus began as a true sanctuary, but was overtaken by evil men. The residents fought back, and won. And then adopted a shared mantra: "You're the butcher or you're the cattle."

Instead of killing the woman outright, Carol opens a nearby door and lets in walkers.

Some miles away, Tyreese is still holed up in a cabin with Martin when walkers approach. Tyreese goes to the window for a moment, and Martin bolts to Judith, threatening to snap the baby's neck. "Go outside!" Martin screams. "One twist ... don't make me do it!" So Tyreese goes outside where the walkers await.

Martin grabs his walkie talkie and tries to contact Terminus. But there is nothing on the other head. Suddenly, all goes quiet outside. Tyreese BURSTS back into the cabin. Dead walkers are strewn about outside. Tyreese tackles Martin and beats him.

Inside the boxcar, Eugene explains that, in his former life, he worked deep inside the government to create pathogens to kill threatening pathogens -- "fire to fire." He believes that if he can get to Washington DC, he can "flip the script" and end the walker infestation. Just then, the boxcar door slides open and Rick appears. The sheriff holds an AK-47 and is firing at anything that moves outside the car. It's chaos. It's the beginnings of a rescue. Rick pauses only one brief moment to put his hands on Carl.

Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, Bob, Maggie, Sascha and Abraham flee into the woods. They find Carol. Daryl falls into her arms, crying. "Did you do that?" Rick asks Carol, the woman he banished. She smiles and hugs him.

Carol leads the group to the cabin. Rick and Carl are reunited with Judith. Tyreese is reunited with Sascha. Tears of happiness are shed.

Next we see a masked man walking in the woods. He takes off the mask, it's Morgan Jones!

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