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THE WALKING DEAD (AMC) - The Ultimate Recap & More!

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Season 5 Episode 3

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some very nasty people, but our group might just have a plan to gain the upper hand....[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


The Terminans feast on Bob's leg around their campfire. Gareth taunts Bob, describing his plans to eat the rest of Rick's crew. Bob begins laughing hysterically and reveals a walker bite on his shoulder. "I'm tainted meat!" he screams. The revolted Terminans spit out their meal.

Meanwhile, Sasha looks for Bob outside the church and sees someone lurking in the darkness. She loses track of the figure as a pair of walkers attack. Rick and Tyreese find her in the woods and Sasha reports that Bob is missing. Rick notes the same of Daryl and Carol.

Inside the church, Rick and Sasha confront Gabriel about their missing friends and demand to know who's been watching them. Gabriel insists he knows nothing.

After Rick brings up the warning message scrawled on the church wall ("You'll burn for this"), Gabriel tearfully confesses that he locked his congregation out of his church shortly after the fall, leaving them to be devoured by walkers.

The group hears a whistle outside. They rush out to find Bob lying in the grass. Gareth has marked the church wall with the letter "A" - a reference to the train car in which they were imprisoned at Terminus.

Inside, Bob recounts his ordeal and reveals his walker bite. From Bob's description, Gabriel recognizes Gareth's hideout location as a nearby elementary school.

Abraham insists on leaving for D.C. immediately, but Rick refuses to leave Daryl and Carol behind. As they exchange heated words, Glenn, Maggie and Tara agree to accompany Abraham if he'll stay and help fight the Terminans. Abraham reluctantly agrees to remain for another half-day.

As Sasha tends to Bob, he says he kept his bite a secret because he wanted to enjoy the time he had left with her. "I knew when I told you, it'd become all about the end," he says.

Rick, meanwhile, plans his ambush on Gareth. "We know exacly where they are," he says. "They're not countin' on us thinking straight." Tyreese urges Sasha to stay with Bob, but she insists on joining Rick. Before leaving, she gives Tyreese her knife, to put through Bob's temple if he stops breathing.

Rick leads the ambush team down the road. Moments later, the Terminans emerge from the darkness and storm the church. Inside, Gareth orders the remaining survivors to come out of the back room, but is met with silence.

As they close in on the survivors, two Terminans are suddenly shot from behind. "Put your guns on the floor," Rick orders. Gareth threatens to fire into the back room, so Rick shoots his hand. The Terminans acquiesce.

On his knees, Gareth begs Rick for mercy. "No," Rick says. "I made you a promise." Rick swings his machete at Gareth's head and hacks repeatedly. Sasha, Michonne and Abraham then brutally bludgeon and stab the other Terminans to death.

After the massacre, Michonne spots her katana on one of the corpses. She reluctantly takes it back. Gabriel looks at the carnage in horror.

The next day, everyone says farewell to Bob, who lies dying in Gabriel's rectory. Bob thanks Rick for taking him in and warns him not to let their "nightmare" situation change his true nature.

Bob dies with Sasha at his side. Tyreese takes her knife and, after Sasha leaves, slides it into Bob's head.

Outside, Abraham rounds up his team and hands Rick a map showing their route to D.C. "Come to Washington," a note on the map reads. "The world's gonna need Rick Grimes." Glenn, Maggie and Tara board the bus with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.

After the bus departs, Rick helps Tyreese dig graves. He asks about Tyreese's journey to Terminus. "It killed me," Tyreese says. "No, it didn't," Rick reassures him.

Michonne and Gabriel are sitting on the church steps that night when Daryl emerges from the darkness. Michonne asks where Carol is. "Come on out," Daryl tells someone?

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