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The Walking Dead (AMC) Talked About Scene - "It Is Not Your Time"

Sasha and Rosita's arrival at Sanctuary doesn't quite go as planned. 

At night, Eugene discusses security protocol with a Savior in the courtyard. Rosita and Sasha kill the Savior and cut through the fence. They urge Eugene to come with them and escape, but Eugene refuses. He tells them to go away and heads back inside. Rosita curses at Eugene, in sincere disappointment.

At Sasha’s suggestion, Rosita keeps watch as Sasha slips through the fence. She uses a lock to close the opening behind her, locking Rosita out. Sasha tells Rosita that Alexandria still needs her then runs inside the Sanctuary. Rosita sobs in frustration, and flees when she hears Saviors approaching. She stops and notices a dark figure watching her.


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