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The Walking Dead (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Carnival of Walkers"

Outside the school, Rick and Michonne formulate a plan to close a gap in the perimeter fence and kill all the walkers. Rick shifts an abandoned car into neutral and they roll it toward the gap. The brakes fail. A walker with an automatic slung across its shoulders gets caught in some rebar; the trigger of the gun is caught in the metal, causing it to fire at Rick and Michonne. Michonne jumps into the trunk as the car rolls through the gap and comes to a stop. Walkers swarm the car.

Rick and Michonne escape the car, and the walkers follow.

Rick and Michonne split up in order to divide the herd. While fighting walkers, Rick spots a deer and climbs the Ferris wheel to get a good shot at it. The ride can’t bear his weight and he falls. He shoots at walkers as they start to close in on him.

Michonne runs over to help Rick and sees walkers feasting on fresh flesh and intestines. She drops her katana in shock, thinking Rick has died. Walkers move toward her. Rick lunges out from the carnival ride and starts taking down walkers. He throws Michonne her katana, and she snaps back into action. After they’ve killed the entire herd, they hug.

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