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Season 4 Episode 15


Glenn and Tara are set on the way to Terminus, but Abraham and his companions are reluctant. Meanwhile, conflict starts to rise between Daryl and one of the marauders, Len...

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Eugene flirts with Tara as they walk down the railroad tracks. That night, Abraham asks Tara why she's so devoted to Glenn. "It's something I did," she says.

The next day, the group encounters a Terminus sign accompanied by a blood-scrawled message from Maggie: "Glenn Go To Terminus Maggie Sasha Bob." Glenn sees it and immediately starts sprinting down the tracks.

In the woods, Joe and his gang are awakened by a walker caught in barbed wire. They note Daryl's absence and assume he went to go hunt for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Carl and Michonne joke around as they follow the tracks with Rick. Michonne gives Carl a candy bar after losing a bet.

Back in the woods, Daryl aims his crossbow at a rabbit and fires. Suddenly, a second arrow pierces the rabbit — Len shot at it as well. "Claimed," Len says.

The two argue heatedly over whom the rabbit belongs to. Joe intervenes and says it belongs to Len, due to his "claiming" rule: "That's how you mark your territory, your prey, your bed at night," he explains. "One word: Claimed." But to placate Daryl, Joe cuts the rabbit in half and gives them each an end.

Meanwhile, Glenn's group happens upon a coal chute by the tracks. Abraham insists they rest, but Glenn is determined to keep marching. A walker falls from the chute, sending the group into a momentary panic that results in Tara injuring her ankle. Although limping, she tells Glenn she can keep going.

"You're an asshole," Rosita tells Glenn, noting his lack of empathy for Tara's injury. "She will do anything you say because she thinks she owes you."

Undeterred, Glenn proposes a deal with Abraham: Since Abraham's primary concern is keeping Eugene safe, Glenn will give Eugene the riot gear to wear as protection, and the group will keep moving. Abraham agrees.

Elsewhere along the tracks, Joe further explains his rules to Daryl: "If you steal, you're killed," he says. "And don't lie." He spots a mechanic's garage and calls it their home for the night.

At the mouth of a dark tunnel, Glenn finds another message from Maggie. Judging from its freshness, he guesses that they're gaining on Maggie's group. Abraham refuses to accompany Glenn inside the tunnel, which resounds with walker growls. So Glenn and Tara enter the tunnel alone while the rest double-back to continue their mission to Washington.

As Glenn and Tara creep through the tunnel, Tara says watching the Governor kill Hershel was worse than seeing her sister die from walkers.

At the mechanic's garage, Joe's gang begins claiming their sleeping spots for the night. Daryl exchanges glares with Len and lays down on the concrete, refusing to participate.

Back in the tunnel, Glenn and Tara encounter a mound of rubble from a ceiling cave-in. They climb the mound only to find a sea of walkers waiting for them on the other side. Tara points out they don't have enough ammo to get past the dead.

Meanwhile, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita find a working minivan. Eugene snatches the map from Rosita and insists on navigating.

In the tunnel, walkers clamor toward a flashlight beam on one side of the rubble — a distraction Glenn set up so that he and Tara can slip by on the other side. As they creep by, Tara slips and traps her leg under rubble. Glenn tries to free it to no avail.

After a series of bizarre navigational directions, Eugene orders Rosita to stop the minivan on the railroad tracks. Rosita seethes that Eugene brought them back to the tracks, but he calculates that if Glenn and Tara are still alive, they would soon reach this point. Abraham chides Rosita for letting Eugene navigate. Eugene interrupts their argument when he sees something down the tracks.

In the garage, Len accuses Daryl of stealing his rabbit. Joe empties Daryl's bag and finds Len's half of the animal. Daryl says he was framed, but Len denies it. Joe orders the gang to beat Len for lying and tells Daryl that he saw Len do it. "You told the truth, he lied," Joe says. "You understand the rules, he doesn't."

Meanwhile, Glenn tries to free Tara from the rubble. She urges him to leave her, but he refuses and starts shooting walkers. As he runs out of bullets, a car suddenly pulls up. Six figures gun the remaining walkers down. Glenn peers down the tunnel and sees Maggie. They embrace and kiss.

Maggie and Glenn's groups secure the tunnel. Abraham suggests they all head to D.C. now, but Eugene proposes they stop at Terminus to resupply. Abraham agrees: "Tomorrow we go to the end of the line," he says.

That night, Maggie snuggles next to Glenn in the tunnel and burns his Polaroid photo of her, saying he'll never need a picture of her again.

Joe and his gang leave the garage. Outside, Daryl sees Len's corpse on the ground, beaten and with an arrow through the skull. He starts to lay a blanket across the body, then changes his mind.

As they follow the tracks, Joe tells Daryl they're pursuing someone who strangled one of their men. A gang member spots a vegetable near the tracks but Daryl claims it before the other guy can take it. Daryl walks past Carl's discarded candy bar wrapper.

Maggie, Glenn and the others reach a giant warehouse with "TERMINUS" emblazoned across the front. "Lower your weapons," reads a sign at the door. Inside, a woman stands at a cooking station. She introduces herself as Mary and offers them a plate of food. "Welcome to Terminus," she says.



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