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Season 4 Episode 14

"The Grove"

Carol is forced to make another difficult decision for the greater good...

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It is night. Carol watches for the group. Lizzie approaches and insists that she can help. "I saved Tyreese," notes the little girl, who also notes that she killed to do so. Carol reassures the girl, saying that she had no other choice. Lizzie asks about Carol's daughter. "She didn't have a mean bone in her body," Carol says. Ask Lizzie: "Is that why she's not here anymore?" Carol nods. Lizzie hugs her surrogate mom.

The next day, Tyreese wonders how close the group might be to Terminus. Carol isn't sure as they haven't seen a map or a sign in quite some time. Walking along the train tracks with Lizzie, Mika, Judith and Carol, Tyreese smells a fire in the distance. Carol volunteers to go check it out as Tyreese's arm is injured. Tyreese waits with Lizzie when he sees a walker stumbling toward them. The walker falls through a hole in the tracks and gets stuck. Tyreese is about to put it out of its misery when Lizzie stays his hand. "Sometimes we have to kill them, I know that," she says. "But sometimes we don't." In this instance, they probably don't.

Carol and Mika walk through the wood together to investigate the fire. Mika declares that she can kill walkers, but she can't kill people. She will never kill people. "You have to change, everyone does," insists Carol, who tells the little girl that running is not enough. She has to toughen up. They come into a clearing to find a handsome cabin. In the distance there is a great plume of smoke. A fire perhaps, but it's far enough away that there's danger at the moment.

Carol and Tyreese go into the house to investigate, leaving Lizzie, Mika and Judith outside. A walker appears behind the girls and falls off a porch toward them. Judith screams and Lizzie freezes. Mike pulls out her gun and shoots the walker in the head. Carol is proud of Mika, but Lizzie is upset. She thinks the walkers are people -- just a different kind of people. Later that evening, the makeshift family sets up shop in the cabin. It is very cozy. "We should live here," says a smiling Mika.

The next morning, however, Lizzie is outside (unattended) "playing" with an old-woman walker. When Carol bursts outside at the last moment and stabs the walker in the brain, Lizzie is furious. "She wanted a friend!" the little girl exclaims. "You killed her! You killed her! What if I killed you?! What if I killed you?!" Lizzie weeps and Carol begins to understand that the little girl's mind might be broken. Later, Carol takes Mika hunting for deer. They come across an animal in a clearing and Mika takes careful aim. But she can't do it. The girl lowers her weapon. "We have peaches," Mika says with a shrug. Carol doesn't argue this time.

Tyreese draws water from a well and suggests that the group might stay at the cabin and live. He trusts everyone but can't be sure he'll trust everyone at Terminus. Carol appears to consider it. Elsewhere, Lizzie, unattended yet again, finds a rat to feed to the walker stuck in the train tracks. Mike follows her big sister to tracks and pleads with her to come back while Lizzie feeds the rat to the walker. Lizzie explains that she can hear what the walkers are saying -- and they are inviting her, and everybody else, to become one of them. Just then, blackened and smoldering walkers burst from the tree line. The two girls make a run for it back to the cabin.

At the cabin, Carol and Tyreese come out firing. Mika grabs and gun and starts firing. Finally, Lizzie picks up a weapon and fires, too. Carol takes notice of the older girl killing walkers. "You did it," Carol says like a proud mama when all the intruders are dead. The next morning, Carol decides that she'd like to stay put, too. "Doesn't mean we can't go someday," Tyreese says. "I'm just not ready to be around other people yet." Tyreese then begins to talk about Karen, and how much he misses her. Carol looks guilty but says nothing, only lets the big man talk. Eventually, they hug.

Carol and Tyreese return to the cabin to find something horrible. Lizzie has killed her little sister with a knife. She is smiling, saying that she only wanted to prove to everyone that the walkers are just like everybody else. Lizzie says she was just about to turn Judith, too. Horrified, Carol plays along, promising to let Mika come back, and Tyreese slowly leads Lizzie inside. Carol stares at Mika's body, weeping.

Later, Tyreese says Lizzie is in her room, without knives. They talk about the disturbed little girl. "We can't sleep with Judith and her under the same roof," says Carol, who offers to leave with Lizzie. "She can't be around other people." So Carol leads Lizzie into the woods to pick flowers for Mika "for when she comes back." Lizzie begins to cry because she believes Carol is mad at her. "Just look at the flowers, Lizzie," Carol says in a quavering voice. Crying, Carol shoots the girl.

Tyreese and Carol bury the girls' bodies together.

That night, Carol confesses to Tyreese that she killed Karen in hopes of stopping the virus from spreading in the prison. "You do what you have to do," says an utterly defeated Carol. Tyreese wraps his hand around a gun, but opts not to use it. He won't ever forget what Carol has done, but he can forgive her.

The next day, they leave for Terminus together, passing the still writhing walker stuck in the train tracks.





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