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The Voice - Season 7


The Voice - Season 7

"The Blind Auditions Premiere"

In the season premiere, new coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams join Blake Shelton and Adam Levine to search for America's best new singers...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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The Voice - Season 7


It's only the second night of Season 7 but tonight's performances will be tough to beat. With so much raw talent, Adam, Gwen, Blake and Pharrell have a lot to fight for. As competition ramps up the coaches get passionate and Pharrell proves that he's a force to be reckoned with. Here are the highlights from tonight's Episode 2:

25-year-old DaNica Shirey starts the night off strong with a jaw-dropping performance of "Big White Room." It only takes a few notes of her killer vibrato to turn Adam's chair. Gwen and Pharrell follow suit and it's game on. Adam thinks DaNica has one of the best voices he's heard in a long time and reminds her of his past Voice victories. Gwen promises to upgrade her look. But when Pharrell literally begs her to be on his team, she can't resist and Pharrell scores the first artist of the night.

Next up, 17-year-old Nashville native Joe Kirk turns all four chairs with his sweet performance of "Lego House." The coaches are impressed by his spot-on rhythm and stage presence, noting that by the looks of him, he could be Adam Levine's little brother. Before Blake can play the Nashville card, Pharrell calls him out as the "Nashville whisperer." Gwen and Pharrell pull out all the stops, but in the end Joe chooses big bro Adam.

Next it's reggae time. Menlik Zergabachew's performance of "Santeria" has Gwen and Adam singing and dancing in their seats. This is the most perfect technical performance Blake has seen all night and he's the first to turn his chair. It looks like he might have Menlik all to himself until Gwen turns at the last second, winning Menlik over with a shiny Team Gwen T-shirt.

It's Jimi Mulligan's turn to rock but despite an impressive performance of "Get Ready," he fails turn any chairs. The coaches acknowledge his talent and encourage him to take more chances next time. Jimi leaves with a smile and some invaluable advice.

Up until now Blake has been the only coach without an artist tonight, but all that changes when he scores the shockingly poised 15-year-old Reagan James after she wows him and Gwen with a ridiculously good performance of "Give Me Love."

Next up it's 25-year-old graphic designer Taylor Phelan's turn to shine. His soulful performance of "Sweater Weather" turns all four chairs, earning him a standing ovation from the coaches and inciting a bidding war. Everyone's impressed by his amazing stage presence. He's so good Gwen forgot she was on The Voice and Blake compares him to Ryan Tedder. Pharrell compliments his body language and when Adam chimes in, Pharrell accuses him of "stealing a base." The claws are definitely out now. Taylor goes with his gut and chooses Pharrell, leaving Adam and the others brokenhearted for now.

Stepping into the spotlight next is Caitlin Lucia. Her performance of "You're the One That I Want" doesn't turn any chairs but the coaches give her some great tips and she leaves happy having been on The Voice stage.

Moment later, country singer Taylor Brashears gets the crowd clapping with "You Ain't Woman Enough." Adam, Pharrell and Blake turn to duke it out. Pharrell, blown away by Taylor's tone and swagger, calls her a star. When Blake tries to get a word in Adam tells him to "hold his horses," but this time Blake means business; in his most passionate plea of the night, Blake tells Taylor that if she wants to go country she should choose a coach who knows where her heart is. He promises that country is in his heart and he can get her where she needs to be. "Good save," quips Adam. After a suspenseful moment, Taylor goes with her heart... and picks Blake.

Church worship leader Andy Cherry is next to step into the spotlight, singing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." His performance doesn't turn chairs but the coaches agree he has a good voice and give him some pointers on staying true to the song.

Now on to the last performance. Yale graduate Maiya Sykes has been a professional singer for two decades but tonight she hits the stage to score her big break by singing "Stay with Me." It's clear from the first note that Maiya is special - the coaches can't turn their chairs fast enough. But Maiya's not done dazzling - she takes her performance to the next level, belting her heart out and earning a standing ovation from Pharrell. As the song comes to an end the coaches gear up for the biggest battle of the night. Blake tells Maiya that she has what it takes to win the show; Pharrell compares her to Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, and Adam promises to push her even further. "I'm only going to push your ambitions, not mine," Pharrell counters, standing for the second time. Now it's Gwen's turn to jump out of her seat; she has a hot clothing brand and she's not afraid to use it - shoes, handbags, you name it! Adam and Blake resort to bragging about past trophies and Blake even offers to use his credit card to buy her some clothes. Determined, Pharrell shuts everyone down by saying that Maiya is her own brand and that she'll get her own trophy. Maiya, overwhelmed by emotion, chooses the man who stood up for her - Pharrell.

Pharrell was on fire tonight, picking up three artists. Blake scored two and Adam and Gwen each scored one artist. With three four-chair turns and a show stopping last act, the coaches left inspired and the first week of blind auditions ended with a bang.

The Voice - Season 7

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