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The Voice - Season 10

The Voice (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2"

"The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 2"

The Season 10 blind auditions continue as Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams continue their search for America's best singers to recruit for their teams.

The blind auditions always involve a playful but cutthroat battle for talent between the coaches, each lobbying for singers who might become America's newest musical sensation. And tonight is no exception as we see Coaches Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams fighting to recruit strong artists for their teams. 

New Jersey native Joe Vivona wows the judges with his vocal tone in a performance of "Dreaming with a Broken Heart." Adam, Blake and Pharrell turn their chairs, and Joe lands a spot on Team Pharrell.

Next, 15-year-old Shalyah Fearing takes the stage to perform "What Is Love" and handily spins Christina in her chair. Her spot on Team Christina comes by default, but it's no less exciting as a result.

Adam Wakefield garners the attention of both Adam and Blake with his bluesy rendition of "Tennessee Whiskey" and ultimately scores a place on Team Blake.

Next up is 15-year-old Caroline Burns, who auditioned during Season 9 but didn't make it past the blinds. She's back and better than ever, and her performance of "So Far Away" gets chair turns from Adam and Blake. The teen goes with Team Adam.

After Scottish singer Natalie Clark misses the cut, 16-year-old Emily Keener proves her exceptional talent with an intense version of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" that earns her a four-chair turn and ecstatic feedback from the coaches. It's a tough decision, but Emily eventually chooses to work with Pharrell.

Laith Al-Saadi takes the stage next, and demonstrates his soulful vocals with a raspy rendition of "The Letter." Both Adam and Blake turn around, and Laith declares Adam the best fit.

Then Angie Keilhauer, a singer-songwriter who performs on cruise ships, blows away Adam, Pharrell and Blake with her take on "I Hold On." She picks Blake, a sure match for her country sound.

Next, we see a series of successful auditions: Lacy Mandigo earns a spot on Team Christina with "Son of a Preacher Man," Jonathan Bach is recruited for Team Pharrell after his performance of "Born this Way" and Katherine Ho's rendition of "Wildest Dreams" earns her a spot on Adam's team.

Piano bar performer Theron Early shows his chops with a performance of "Amazed," and nearly gets the coaches to turn their chairs around. However, they encourage him to work on improving his control and try again.

Although Kata Hay nearly goes thud on her way up to the stage, she ends the night on a bang with her rousing performance of "Redneck Woman." Adam, Christina and Pharrell turn their chairs, and a few minutes of playful banter - as well as some harmless flirting - lead to her final choice: Team Christina.

At the end of week one, 20 singers are on their way to the next phase of the competition - and their careers as musical performers.

The Voice - Season 10

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