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The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Alaric's Back, and OMG Elena's in Class! (VIDEO)

In the following sneak peek from the upcoming Season 6 premiere, Professor Saltzman (Matt Davis) is at the head of the class, while Elena (Nina Dobrev) hides behind her book and Liv (Penelope Mitchell) obnoxiously laughs at the day's topic: the occult as it pertains to resurrection.

"Is there something funny, Liv?" Alaric asks.

"More like, ironic," she snarks back. (We have to give her that one, considering the events of the Season 5 finale.)
But that's not even our favorite part of the clip. Just wait until Tyler (Michael Trevino)—muscle tee and all—pops into class, sits down, and banters with the blonde witch. Anyone else sense some major post-hook-up tension? Will that back-and-forth will lead to something in the bedroom?

And, side note: How great is it to have Tyler back in school? It almost feels like old-school Mystic Falls High, just without the do-rag.

Take a look, then hit the comments to share your thoughts and predictions:

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