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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (CW) - Why didn't Bonnie come back?

              Season 6 Episode 6

"The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get"

Now that Damon is back, Elana is deciding whether or not to have her memories of him back. Things so south very quickly...

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Tripp takes another group of vampires into Mystic Falls to die. Ivy strains against her chains, trying to get free. She freaks out as the two vampires across from her start bleeding out of their mouths. Then, she's next, her neck snaps.

Back with Stefan, Damon tells him about being stuck in 1994 with Bonnie and that she sacrificed herself for him. The version they tell Caroline, who tells Elena, is different -- they say Bonnie wasn't there.

Damon is ready to see Elena. When Stefan explains that she had Alaric compel her to forget about him, he thinks it will all be reversed when he sees her.

But Elena doesn't want to see him. Alaric tries to convince her she loves Damon, but she makes him promise he won't lift the compulsion. Elena plans to avoid Damon. Alaric warns her to also avoid Jo, because his compulsion didn't work on her. He suggests Elena try to figure out why.

Elena had to break the news to Jeremy about Bonnie over the phone, which did not go well.

Matt pays a visit to Enzo, but isn't feeling charitable toward him given that Stefan turned Enzo in. Enzo points out he could tell Tripp everything about Caroline, Stefan and Elena.

Tripp tells Enzo about finding Ivy and that she was 500 miles from where Enzo said she'd be. Tripp gives him til the end of the day to start talking.

Matt goes to Caroline and Alaric and updates them. Caroline is ready to bust Enzo out. Stefan joins them and confesses he's the reason Tripp has Enzo.

Damon goes to see Elena, but she won't let him in her dorm room. He tries to reminder her how she felt about him and that the compulsion is a lie. She finally opens the door, but jumps out the window before he can see her.

From the hospital, Elena calls Stefan, worried that he feelings will come back for Damon if she sees him. She says she's happy she's started over. She also tells Stefan she kissed Liam, which he advises her not to tell Stefan.

Elena sees Dr. Jo with a coffee and sneaks a sip of it to check for vervane, but it's clean.

Matt goes through Tripp's computer but gets interrupted by Sara, looking for answers about her dead parents.

Alaric returns to his office to find Damon helping himself to his booze with his feet up. Damon's not happy with Alaric's compulsion of Elena, but Alaric explains that Elena was a mess without him. He'll lift the compulsion when Elena is ready. Damon is not pleased, but leaves peacefully.

Out in the woods, Stefan tries to defend turning over Enzo to Tripp, but Caroline isn't feeling forgiving. Now, Stefan is willing to help rescue Enzo because he's Damon's friend.

They hide when two young men walk out of Tripp's vampire torture shed. After the men leave, Caroline and Stefan go into the shed to rescue Enzo, but he's not there.

Back at the hospital, Elena asks Jo questions about her bracelet. Instead, Jo asks her about the miraculous recovery of the woman near-death at the corn maze. Elena tries to downplay the woman's injuries, but Jo tells her not to bother. "I know what Alaric is, I know what you are. If any more blood bags go missing, I know who to come to," Jo says.

In Elena's dorm room, Damon notes that there are no pictures of him anywhere. Jeremy joins him. He wants to know why Bonnie didn't come back. Damon says Bonnie wasn't with him and found peace in a better place. Jeremy tells Damon about calling her cell phone every day.

At the hospital, Elena asks Jo why she's not fazed by her at all, or even afraid. There's only one thing that can resist compulsion without vervane, a witch. Jo suggests they not ask too many questions about each other and Elena agrees, saying that if Alaric doesn't want a complicated relationship, he doesn't have to compel her.

Back in Tripp's office, Matt talks to Caroline, who reports Enzo is missing. Sara finds Ivy's phone in a locked drawer and Caroline's number is the most recent one dialed. Tripp knows what she is and where to find her.

In Bonnie's dorm, Damon calls Bonnie's phone to thank her and apologize. He confesses he even misses her a little.

Elena calls Damon and suggests they meet face to face. She suggests her dorm room, where Damon already is. He tries to tidy up.

But when the door opens it's Tripp, not Elena. Damon catches the first vervane dart from Tripp's gun and races around to grab Tripp. He's demanding to know who he is when Tripp's two goons hit him with vervane from behind.

Elena returns to her dorm room and sees Damon's phone and drops of blood on the floor. She calls Alaric in a panic and he makes plans to meet her and go after him.

As Alaric is locking up his office, Jo drops by. She wants to talk, but he's in a hurry. When she won't take no for an answer he explains. "My best friend just came back from the dead, but now I have to save him from a vampire hunter before he's driven across an anti-magic border and killed again. So, here's some friendly advice: it's probably a good idea to stay as far away from me as possible," Alaric says.

Damon wakes up chained in the back of Tripp's van -- with Enzo, who tells him Stefan probably didn't tell him about the hunter in town because Stefan's the one who put him there.

Caroline calls her mom then disables Elena's car blocking one of the roads into town. After some quiet moodiness, Elena announces she wants her memories back. She can't imagine loving him, but doesn't want to ignore the truth.

On another road into town, Stefan rips apart Alaric's engine to lure Tripp in to grab him. Alaric tries to reassure Stefan that what's happening isn't his fault. He admits that he was searching as a distraction, but he'd given up, too.

They see Tripp's van pulling up. Stefan waits in Alaric's car, in case Enzo has told Tripp about him, while Alaric goes to ask Tripp for roadside assistance. When Tripp isn't feeling helpful, Alaric finally punches through the glass and tries to grab Tripp. But Tripp shoots Alaric with vervane and steps on the gas. Alaric holds on through the window as Tripp's van goes plowing into Alaric's car and flips over -- crossing into the border of Mystic Falls.

Damon wakes up bleeding. Stefan watches helplessly from the other side of the border. He hangs up the phone with Elena and goes to help them. He takes a few steps and starts bleeding. He picks up a tire iron and goes to free Damon from the chains in Tripp's van. Alaric lies sputtering on the ground beside him as all the vampires are hit by consumption.

As Stefan is struggling to pry Damon free, Jo suddenly appears over Alaric. She admits she followed him. In the confusion, Tripp limps away.

Jo starts treating Alaric for his nicked aorta, saying she can't move him without killing him. Meanwhile, Stefan gets Damon and Enzo safely across the border.

Jo puts gauze over his chest wound and starts heart palpations as he starts to slip away. Alaric stops breathing. Jo continues her efforts as Stefan and Damon watch from across the border. After a few long seconds, Alaric wakes back up again. He announces that something is wrong and he shouldn't be alive. But he is.

Later, Stefan relays the news to Caroline, who tries to find a way to explains things to Elena. With all the magic stripped away, when Alaric died and Jo brought him back, he turned back into a human- which means he can't compel her anymore.

Matt gives Sara a ride home to the Salvatore house and finally tells her who it belongs to and that Damon and Stefan are vampires. He suggests she get as far away from the town as she can.

They hear Jeremy shouting in the other room. He's drunk and angry and shouting at Bonnie's cell phone. He smashes it as he realizes that Bonnie is really gone.

From a hospital bed in Mystic Falls, Alaric talks to Elena. She says she's OK with not getting her memories back since she knows how much he hated being a vampire. Elena is willing to trust herself to find her real feelings about Damon.

Jo comes to check on Alaric, announcing that she's having him transferred to Whitmore. He thanks her for giving him his life back.

Over drinks, Damon going through another round of complaining about Elena not remembering him. Stefan gives him the kick he needs to go see Elena and see what happens.

Stefan finds Bonnie on the street outside. He wants to know what to say so they can go back to being friends again. But after everything, she doesn't want to be friends anymore.

In her dorm room, Elena finds her photos of Damon in her journal. Damon knocks on her door. They both take a deep breath. Elena opens her door.

Damon is overjoyed to see her but waits, Elena considers him.


The More you Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

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