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Season 5 Episode 12

"The Devil Inside"

The episode opens with “Elena Gilbert” (Nina Dobrev) playing peek-a-boo with Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). She’s all playful and flirtatious and he eyes her oddly. Before we can say “Matty Blue Blue” the jig is up and she reveals that she’s actually Katherine (Nina Dobrev) masquerading as Elena. She reveals that while everyone was playing drinking games and toasting to what a horrible person she is, she was plotting a way to passenger herself into Elena’s cute little head. Now Katherine’s body is dead and she’s trying to figure out a way to make her new rental space more permanent. (Quick tip, Kitty Kat — if you want people to recall fond memories of you, don’t do shit like this.)

Matt grows really pale, as though he’s suddenly realizing that it’s not Elena pulling an ill-advised prank on him. Katherine then (because she’s evil) forces the lad to help her choose a party dress and he’s all like, ‘I’m out. Peace!’ but Nadia Petrova (Olga Fonda) appears and shoves him back down. She makes her mother compel Matt and then Katherine gets down to business (basically turning Matt into her personal stylist). She asks him basic yet hilarious questions about Elena and he answers them all one by one. (Honestly, you don’t ever have to compel him to be truthful with you, girl. He already is by nature. He’s Matt, Mystic Falls’ very own hero quarterback!)  She asks him what Elena would wear to a party, when Elena and Jeremy’s birthdays are, what her address is (trick question – Elena burned down her house!), if she likes Caroline or Bonnie better (she likes both equally), what her college major is (pre-med like her dad and Dr. Carlisle Cullen). Katherine then demands to know the story behind the heinous red streak in Elena’s hair. Matt explains how Elena dyed it when she switched off her humanity and Kat’s all like, “Perfect! It’s gone.) (LMAO! Shade for days!) And then because Katherine probably secretly loves Matt, she asks him to give her a play-by-play of the day Elena broke his delicate human heart. (Oh no!) And then? She compels him to forget. Obliviate!

Matt and Katherine - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 recap

Kat and Nadia then convene at a motel room and Nadia tells her that the Traveler, Mia, needs her corpse. “My corpse?” she scoffs. “Seriously, could Travelers be any creepier?” Nadia then tells her mother to STFU and listen to her for a change. She reminds her she’s merely a passenger in Elena’s body and that her doppelganger can show up at any time to regain control. Katherine surrenders and promises she’ll start working on getting her body back to complete the spell. “Great, so I’m stuck in a hotel. Bound to a bed. And I have Damon Salvatore leading me voicemails. How is this better than being dead again?” she complains. (Um, don’t jinx yourself, homie.) Nadia then injects Katherine with vervain (suuuuure….mamadukes is probably just addicted to all those sedatives she loaded up in TVD’s 100th episode) and tells her it’s just for safe measure.

Meanwhile, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) returns home with a shovel in hand. Stefan (Paul Wesley) demands to know where Damon has been this entire time and why he looks like he’s going to spring into a rendition of “Zippity Doo Dah” any second now.  Damon reveals he’s spent the better half of his evening burying Katherine’s corpse (she was seriously stinking up the joint). Stefan sighs because HOUSTON! they’ve got a problem. Nadia emerges and demands that he return her mom’s body immediately so she can bury her with her family in Bulgaria. Damon rolls his eyes and tells Nadi-baby to get lost because nothing brings him more joy than denying Katherine’s dying wish. “You ain’t getting it,” he states point blank. Stefan tries to talk some sense into his brother but Damon keeps it real: “The bitch ruined our lives. Nadia’s known her for, what, five minutes?” Furious as hell, Nadia vamps at Damon and begins to choke him. He snaps her arm in response and starts tossing words like “maggots” and “flesh” and “feast” around…until Stefan orders him to stop (probably because those all sound so appetizing). Damon storms off.

Guess who’s throwing a big bash full of kegs and awesome beats? Matt and Tyler (Michael Trevino)! The best buds are reunited and it feels so good — so good in fact that they want to get their groove on and bring down the funk. As Matt is being “Captain Responsible” and heading out to work, Tyler tries to convince him to stay so that they can enjoy a nice “welcome home, baby hybrid” breakfast. Matt is annoyed because he doesn’t want to be late and he can’t find his phone. While he searches for it, he asks Tyler what went down during his visit to New Orleans and Ty gives him a quick recap: “There were witches. Gumbo. A few Originals. Look, it doesn’t matter because it’s over. In the past. No more drama. I’m starting over.” (Whoa okay there, Mary J. Blige. Take a chill pill.) Matt feels bad for hounding Tyler with a SIMPLE FREAKING QUESTION and suggests they host a party like a couple of Gatsby ballers. Tyler is so on board you have no idea. (He just sprung loose from prison aka the Garden. He’s ready to stretch those limbs!)

Back at Whitmore College, Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) is stressing cleaning. She’s fluffing pillow, dusting the mantel, and scrubbing the fireplace clean. (Is she a mysophobe or is this just how she deals after having wild sex with a hybrid in a forest? Hmm.) Knock knock! Who is it? Aaron (Shaun Sipos) enters the room and asks a question most college students never hear: “Are you cleaning your fireplace?” She starts going on about boy drama and carcinogens and Aaron just waves as though to signal, “Enough!” He reveals he’s actually looking for Elena and then leaves a message: “Just let her know Wes won’t be a problem anymore. My family’s trust came through and I was able to cut off Augustine’s funding.” Caroline looks mega relieved since, as a vampire, she didn’t want bits of her eyeballs taken out or inject with Ebola virus or whatever, you know? She promises to pass the news along.

Caroline stress-cleans in "The Devil Inside Me" - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 recap

Aaron returns to his dorm room and finds Enzo (Michael Malarkey) waiting for him. Enzo greets him, and right before shutting the door, says, “Aaron Whitmore. Just the man I was looking for.” While poor Aaron is getting puncture, Stefan calls up Caroline to ask for a favor. “Well if you need your silver polished, it’s your lucky day,” she jokes (but not really). Stefan confides in her that Damon’s been PMS-ing ever since he broke up with Elena and that she hasn’t been returning his calls. He’s teetering on the edge of darkness and Stefan’s worried. Caroline promises to exploit her best friend privileges and get the scuttlebutt on Elena’s whereabouts.

So where is Elena aka Katherine aka we don’t anymore? She’s at the motel, bound by more chains than Tyler Lockwood on a full moon circa Vampire Diaries Season 2. While Katherine throws a hissy fit over the incessant buzzing of the cell phone on her nightstand, she grows dizzy and the room spins. Suddenly, Elena’s spirit comes forth and she busts loose. Prison break! Not so fast. Nadia intervenes and blocks her from running out into the warm sunlight. She mutters the incantation and Katherine soon seizes control of Elena’s body again.

Damon tells Caroline to scram - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 recap

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Grill, the Salvatore brothers are bonding over girl talk, booze, and a rousing game of pool. Stefan informs Damon there’s a party at Tyler Lockwood’s estate tonight and Damon’s all like, “WTF is Tyler?” He also informs Stefan that will never give up the location of Katherine’s body but Stefan’s says, “This isn’t my pouty face, this is you’re being a dick face.” Unfortunately for Damon — who wants nothing more than to wallow in misery and sadness — Pollyanna aka Caroline waltzes in and beams her sunshine on his moody face. He literally tells her to “scram” but she holds her own. She’s there to help him rekindle his romance with Elena but Damon is confused because Caroline once refused to call him the devil because that would be offensive to Satan. Plus, Damon doesn’t need advice from “Prudy Trudy” y’all.  Upon hearing that nickname, Caroline throws back her shoulders and huffs, “I can be reckless and unpredictable.” Damon isn’t thrilled by the idea of his brother and Care Bear babysitting him and tells them all to get out of his sight.

News flash: a couple of hunks named Tyler and Matt are lifting things! We watch as the besties unload kegs and party supplies from Matt’s truck. Ever Mr. Smooth, Tyler asks if Caroline is coming back. Matt flashes a huge grin and is like, ‘OMG. Is the Forwood ship sailing again? Right on!’ However, Tyler brushes aside Matt’s claims that he’s trying to woo Caroline back.

Back at the motel, Katherine and Nadia fuse their power of manipulation and plot away. Mommy and daughter confirm that Elena is a fighter, and judging by all the calls and text messages people have been sending Elena all day long, realize that folks in this town care about her and are growing suspicious about their MIA friend.Katherine mentions that Stefan invited her (Elena) to Tyler’s party and she thinks it’d be a good idea to stop by and casually ask where Damon buried her. Nadia argues that it’s way too dangerous but Katherine assures her that she’s the queen of impersonations: “I’ve posed as Elena a million times. I can mimic everything about her. Her mannerisms. Her “I’m adorable, fall in love with me smile” her hideously boring personality” and yada yada yada. Nadia points out the obvious — she doesn’t know enough about Elena to last past two hours and daughter-cakes has a point. Katherine then calls Matt and meets him at the park again to pester him with questions about his pretty childhood pal.

Katherine plays "Guess who?" with Matt in TVD episode 5x12

As Katherine engages in a game of “Guess Who?” with “Matty-pants,”  a weary Damon returns home to find Enzo lounging on the Salvatore couch and guzzling up his best bourbon. Damon groans and notices a body bag on the floor and some leftover blood smeared on Enzo’s face. “You missed a spot,” he says, before asking what’s in the bag. Enzo did some research and discovered that Damon did indeed kill off all the Whitmores (except for one in each generation so that they could keep reproducing and Damon could have his fun) like he promised back when they were just tiny little lab rats. Enzo apologies and offers Damon an olive branch in the form of Aaron. The poor guy is still alive…but barely. Enzo thinks that friends who slay together stay together and we wants them to have a fresh start. And what better way than by claiming the life of an innocent orphan? “I’m just curious — do you ask all your friends to prove their loyalty to you by killing someone over drinks?” Damon asks. Even when Enzo reminds him that Aaron’s grandpappy used to feed them to patrons during an all-you-can-eat vampire buffet, Damon refuses to kill Aaron because Elena wouldn’t want that. Luckily Damon is saved from this atrocious moral dilemma with a call from Caroline, who orders him to get his ass to the fiesta because his brunette beauty just walked through the door. Damon suddenly snaps Enzo’s neck, compels Aaron to go somewhere far away from there, and hurries on over to the party!

Aaron is compelled by Damon in "The Devil Inside" - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 recap

While he rushes over, Katherine hits the scene…and finds herself barred by an invisible barrier at the door. She calls out Matt’s name and he invites her in. She then compels him to find some nubile blonde chick, and as he does that, she spots Stefan in all his hero hair glory. She swoons and approaches him. He cracks a joke about how she (Elena Gilbert) is alive and kicking and she teases him about drinking beer from a cup. (Oh shucks — these two kids!)  Stefan gets serious for a hot second and asks her where she’s been this whole time and Katherine tries to give as an “Elena” response as possible: “Around. Thinking. Processing. Trying to figure out how to deal with the whole Damon thing.” Stefan smiles and points out that Damon wants to give their relationship another stab and that his brother is so much better off with a gem like Elena by his side. Katherine practically rolls her eyes and is all, ‘Elena. Elena. Elena. Can we talk about Katherine for a minute? How are you feeling about that wonderful gal’s death?’ Stefan responds, “We had a thing. It ended. She died. I’m okay. Honestly.” Katherine is ready to slap a bitch. OH HELLS NAW, BRO! “You knew her for 150 years. You’re not even a little bit heartbroken?” she demands. Stefan narrows his eyes and asks why she wants to know. Katherine quickly reverts to Elena mode and explains that she feels bad for Katerina and she sure wishes she knew where she was buried so that she can leave flowers at the grave of the person who tortured her for years and killed many of her family members. (BECAUSE ELENA IS SWEET AND FORGIVING SO NATURALLY THAT’S SOMETHING SHE’D DO.) Stefan doesn’t know the exact site — all he knows is that Damon said he put her “where she always meant to be.” Groan! Easy on the hair gel, Stefano because it’s killing your brain cells. Maybe Stefan thought this riddle was tricky but Katherine, being the sly diva that she is, cracks the code immediately: her body is the vamp tomb! (Leave it to Damon to take karma to such meticulous levels.) After taking out the trash (geez Louise — they make Elena do everything around here!), Katherine points out that she believes her body is buried under the old church where Damon thought she was all those years he thought she was lying desiccated in a cave.

Stefan at Tyler's party in "The Devil Inside" - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 recap

Katherine then heads into the party to bid her friends good night, but Caroline immediately pounces on her and pulls her aside. She tells Katherine to call her an awful person but Kat points out Caroline is the best person she knows. Caroline, unable to contain her guilt, blurts out that she’s a bad person because she kissed Klaus and that one thing led to another and they had passionate, kinky, scandalous sex all over the forest floor while all the bunnies came out to watch. Suddenly Katherine spies Tyler within earshot and decides to have a little fun for old time’s sake. After all, she literally sucked the life out of Caroline once…why not suck the life out of the party tonight? She asks Caroline if Klaus is a better lover than Tyler and Caroline giggles nervously and scolds Katherine because that is such an inappropriate question. Tyler hears the entire conversation and when Caroline notices his presence, the lively atmosphere suddenly feels heavy and full of anger and rage. Judging by the distraught look on his face, Tyler is feeling sick to his stomach. He storms off and Caroline follows him and tries to explain her actions (‘I was lonely! You broke my heart! He was there! Those dimples! That accent! Me so horny!’) but he orders her to go away so that he can guzzle his whiskey in peace. Caroline doesn’t heed his warning and he tells her off.

“Klaus killed thousands of people. Elena’s aunt. An entire pack of hybrids. My friends. Caroline, he killed my mom!” he bellows just as his eyes flash yellow and begins wolfing out on her. Luckily Stefan is nearby and he zips right on in and smashes Tyler into the wall. (‘Go home, Lockwood, you’re drunk.’ ‘Um, I kinda live here so…’) Tyler then reveals Caroline’s oh-so-disgusting secret — that she has sex…with Klaus! Stefan is stunned at first but nobody shames Caroline and gets away with it. Not on his watch! He punches Tyler across the face and spits, “Drunk or not, she’s didn’t deserve that.” DAMN!

Tyler overhears Katherine in "The Devil Inside" - The Vampire Diaries recap for Season 5 Episode 12

Oh Katherine Pierce — she always knows how to put on a show. Unfortunately for her, so does Elena Gilbert. When Kat meets up with Nadia and Mia, she nearly throws up at the sight of her dead body lying so stiffly on the table. It’s unsettling, that’s for sure! Mia then thrusts a sharp knife into Katherine’s chest and “mutilates” her corpse. She informs her audience that Travelers don’t have access to spirit magic so they have to improvise. Mia then draws some of Elena’s blood and grabs *dead* Katherine’s heart and begins to chant. Suddenly the room spins and Elena comes forth in her own body and witness the harrowing scene. She plays along, pretending to be Katherine so that Nadia and Mia don’t suspect anything. However, when Nadia asks her where they should start their world tour after the ritual is done, a frantic Elena slams Mia against a rock, jams a torch into Nadia’s chest, and speeds away before they can complete the spell.

As Elena races through the woods, she tries to call Damon but discovers that Katherine passcode protected her phone (smart move — Rosewood ladies, take note!). She continues running but is bombarded with flashes from Katherine’s past: Katherine meeting Klaus. Katherine giving birth. Katherine with Stefan. Katherine with Damon. Katherine killing Jeremy in Nova Scotia. Katherine getting injected with the cure for vampirism. Katherine learning she doesn’t have long to live.  In a nutshell, Katherine’s essence is taking over Elena’s body and there’s nothing she can do about it. Mia and Nadia have regained consciousness and they place all their focus on completing the spell.

Elena hugs Damon in "The Devil Inside" - Recap for The Vampire Diaries episode 5x12

Elena makes it to the Lockwood party and rushes right into Damon’s safe arms. Back in the cave, Mia’s chants crescendo and flames rise up from Katherine’s body. Suddenly, Elena’s eyes turn black but Damon doesn’t notice. He’s just concerned because one second Elena is hugging him and the next she’s pulling away. What he doesn’t know is that Katherine is now permanently in Elena’s body and as he starts to apologize our hearts plummet because we know where this is heading. “You are literally the best person I know,” he tells her. “And to think I could change you gives me way too much credit.” He adds,”You are the best influence on me and I need that. I need a little good in my life. Because without it, there’s an awful lot of darkness.” And then Katherine, eager to exact vengeance on Damon for torturing her on her deathbed, rams a metaphorical dagger into his feelings. She mutters some nonsense about  him messing with Katherine’s well-being and how she doesn’t want to be responsible for the person he’ll become without her. “I’m sorry, but it’s over,” she says, with fake remorse. “We’re over.” She turns around and walks away, a luscious smirk gleaming from her face. (Looks like after 500 years of running from Klaus, Katherine adopted some of his mannerisms.)

Damon is not the only in the doldrums. Tyler is hurting as well — mostly over his dead parents and the thought of his dream girl boning his arch nemesis. (Sigh. At least he has a big-ass house, right?) “Klaus tortured me in New Orleans, Matt,” Tyler confesses. “And just when I thought it was over, that he couldn’t destroy anything else or do anything worse…” His shoulders heave with tears and he trails off. His buddy Matt tries his best to console him and suggests that they get out of town for a while. Tyler agrees that’s good idea and then hangs his head while Matt gives him an adorable bro hug.

Matt hugs Tyler in 'The Devil Inside" - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 recap

Back at the cave, Nadia and Mia are chatting about the ritual. Mia confirms that it has been completed and demands payment. Suddenly, she spits up blood and she drops to the floor and Katherine pops up holding the lady’s heart.  She chucks it to the floor and points out that “she was a loose end” and that she hates “debt.” Nadia’s cool with seeing her mom murder people mostly becauses Mia was super creepy. Katherine observes Nadia and comments, “Cold, manipulative, good hair. You really are my daughter.” Nadia smiles hopefully and then her dreams are dashed when Katherine reveals that she plans on remaining in town so that she can put the moves on her one true love, Stefan. Katherine remarks that for the first time in 500 years, she’s in the clear with no one chasing her or trying to take her down. In fact, because everyone thinks she’s Elena, she’s betting that  a lot of people would lay down their lives for her. She then invites Nadia to join her in ruling the town and maybe she can learn a thing or two about being a good mom. (Ha! Good luck with that, lady.)

Elsewhere in Mystic Falls, Stefan finds Caroline snuggled in front of the fireplace (because she “couldn’t find a rock big enough to crawl under) and she panics when he walks into the room. She feels great shame and is scared of being judged by someone she holds in such high regard. On the contrary though, Stefan isn’t there to stitch a scarlet letter on her clothes though — he simply points out that Caroline didn’t harass him when he slept with Katherine and so he plans on treating her situation with as much delicacy as she had. Caroline then asks him to give it to her straight — is she an awful person? Stefan decides to make her laugh rather than cry and jokes: “Caroline, you are an awful person. You are thoughtless. You’re shallow. You’re completely undependable.” He adds, ‘You know what — I have no idea what Klaus saw in you.” They giggle, practically on the verge of braiding each other friendship bracelets. JK! Happy Opposite Day, girl! Love ya!

Stefan makes Caroline laugh in "The Devil Inside" - The Vampire Diaries recap for Season 5 Episode 12

The episode ends with that poor idiot Aaron driving along at night, fleeing for his life…and stopping for a stranger in the middle of the road. That stranger turns out to be Enzo and he says they’ve been waiting for him. Aaron spins around and finds Damon leaning against his hot ride. ‘Hey I just got that detailed. Hands off!’ but you can’t reason with bad boy Damon. Aaron points out that Elena won’t like it if Damon kills him but Damon doesn’t care because they broke up. “Elena was too good for you,” Aaron spits out in anger, after Damon goes into detail about how he relished the sound the Whitmores made as Damon tore them to shreds.

Aaron reminds Damon he killed his whole family and Damon says they deserved it. Aaron says Elena was too good for him. Damon agrees he thought that too at one point. He says that he struggled with the notion of sparing people because it was “right.” He says he was conflicted but now he’s clear. He says Elena thinks he’s a monster and she’s right. He bares his teeth and attacks Aaron killing him. Enzo says – that’s the Damon Salvatore that I love. Damon then delivers an entire monologue about how good versus evil and how he once thought sparing someone’s life was the decent thing to do…but anymore. Aaron’s eyes widen and he gulps. “It doesn’t matter,” Damon reveals. “The point is, I was conflicted. But right now, in this moment, I’m finally crystal clear. Elena thinks I’m a monster. And you know what? She’s right.” He then plunges his fangs into Aaron’s throat and sucks up that sweet red hemoglobin. The lad drops dead in the streets. Enzo claps in delight and nearly drools from his excitement: “Now that’s the Damon Salvatore I remember.” Uh-oh. Bad boy Damon is back and Enzo is about to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls…viewers beware!



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