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Man on Firel





Man on Firel

Season 5 Episode 19

"Man on Fire"

Enzo, through flashbacks to election night in 1960, learns what happened to his long-lost love; Elena obsesses over the state of her relationship with Damon; Markos enlists Sloan's help in a ritual designed to break an ancient curse against the Travelers...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Man on Firel


At Whitmore, Stefan helps Elena study and distracts her from Damon saying he can't be around her. Bonnie joins them to study, accepting the fact that if the Other Side disintegrates it means she'll die.

Damon is back in Mystic Falls, working on the Traveler problem. He drops in on Matt and Jeremy at Tyler's house -- they can't find the Traveler knife and haven't heard from Tyler.

Tyler wakes up, changed to a post. Markos summons his passenger, Julian. Markos addresses his people, riling them up to break the witches' curse that prevents them from settling together. Sloane has volunteered to be the guinea pig -- she drinks Tyler's blood and, after she says she's ready, Markos slits her throat.

Damon calls Enzo, wanting to go searching for Tyler. But Enzo is going to meet some people.

Bonnie lurks around Liv to solicit her help with the Other Sideimplosion. Enzo joins them and Elena and Stefan.

He tells them about Maggie, who he last saw in 1950. Sloane gave him something from the Augstine files left behind by Dr. Wes. Maggie died in 1960 in Mystic Falls -- someone tore her head off. Stefan says he wasn't a ripper then.

Enzo calls on Liv, who incapacitates Stefan and Elena with magic. Enzo reveals that he compelled some brutes to keep Liv's brother Luke hostage so Liv will do his bidding. Enzo wants answers about the death of the love of his life.

Enzo takes over the café and compels everyone to ignore his interrogation of Elena and Stefan, as he ties them to chairs with vervane ropes.

Stefan insists he wasn't ripping in 1960. Enzo catches Bonnie trying to alert Damon. Enzo asks Damon to check Stefan's journals from the day Maggie died in 1960. Damon tells him Stefan burned them all. Enzo mentions what he's up to and Damon is concerned, but also says Stefan wasn't ripping then.

It was election night.

Flash back to 1960 A figure in a trench coat follows a woman down an alley. Stefan attacks her, then stops and compels her to forget and run. Another woman walks up and recognizes him as a vampire -- it's Maggie. She says she's spent the last two years searching for Damon because he knew a friend of hers who died in a fire (Enzo). She's looking for Damon to kill him. Stefan vamps out.

Back in the present, Stefan insists he didn't kill her. Then Enzo takes Bonnie hostage and Stefan says he actually did kill Maggie and just forgot about it until now. Enzo drives a stake into Stefan's stomach.

Liv takes Bonnie upstairs, where Bonnie tells her to quit acting like a puppet. If either Stefan or Elena dies, the Travelers can't undo the witches spell and Liv wins.

Damon leaves a message for Caroline while meeting with her mother to get the report on Maggie's death. Damon looks at the crime scene photos and recognizes it. "Stefan was right, he didn't kill Enzo's girl...because I did," Damon says.

In the past, Maggie urges Enzo to turn her into a vampire so they can run away together. He bites himself and offers her his wrist, but then takes her vervane bracelet off. He compels her to forget he loves her and run far away.

Back in torture café upstairs, Bonnie asks Liv about a way to stop the disintegration of the Other Side.

Downstairs, Damon joins the fun. He tells Enzo that on that night in 1960, he got a message at the house that a woman wanted to interview him. He didn't know she was Enzo's Maggie.

Back in 1960, she asks about the fire. As they're chatting, she takes out a needle and tries to inject him, but Damon gets her around the throat and rips her head off, thinking she's Augustine.

Damon made it look like Stefan did it from his grudge of Stefan not coming to get him the five years he was in Augustine captivity.

In the present, Damon explains his humanity switch was flipped. He tries to convince Enzo to take it out on him.

"I don't want to hate you. If I hate you, I have nothing left," Enzo says. He remembers compelling Maggie to leave him and Damon explaining how he switched off his humanity to leave Enzo in the fire.

Enzo switches off his humanity.

Back in the Traveler lair, Sloane comes back to life during her vampire transition. Markos recaps that vampirism comes from witch magic and the prophesy says doppelganger blood will undo witch magic. He feeds Sloan the doppelganger blood.

Enzo enjoys his lack of humanity, drinks up at the bar. Damon suggests Enzo leave with him and slips Stefan a shard of glass to free himself.

Enzo chomps down on Liv, Damon rushes Enzo and gets a broken off glass bottle to the neck. Stefan breaks free and pulls Enzo off, but Enzo gets free and grabs Elena and runs.

Stefans stays to feed his blood to mortally wounded Liv and Damon goes after Elena, after Stefan reminds him that Enzo is beyond saving.

Damon leaves Enzo a message asking him not to killelena.

Elena tries to talk to Enzo as he drags her across campus. She breaks off a campus sign and attacks him, but with her hands still bound, he knocks her back. Stefan finds them.

Stefan and Enzo beat each other up across parked cars in the pouring rain.

Back at the café, Liv has healed and heard that Luke is OK. Liv tells Bonnie there's nothing to do she can do to save the Other Side and she should say good-bye.

Damon finds Elena passed out on the grass. He takes off her vervane ropes and carries her away as Enzo beats up on Stefan.

Enzo punches a whole in a car's gas tank and lets the fuel spill all over Stefan as he reaches for Maggie's lighter. Stefan reaches in Enzo's chest and squeezes his heart, telling him his can't be redeemed with his emotions off.

Enzo realizes how much fun it will be for Stefan to have to explain to Damon that he killed his only friend. With Stefan still holding onto his heart inside his chest, Enzo pushes off Stefan, effectively yanking his heart from his chest.

Damon brings Elena back to her room, then sees a text from Enzo making plans to meet to travel. Damon leaves before Elena wakes up.

Later, Stefan checks on Elena in her room. He tells her Enzo's dead and he killed him. He tells her that Damon thinks Enzo left town and knowing otherwise would destroy him.

Bonnie visits Jeremy at Tyler's house. She glosses over the risk with te Other Side collapsing. Stefan calls to warn her that Enzo is about to come through. He appears and reminds Bonnie how good he is at revenge.

Back with the Travelers, Sloane announces that she's not a vampire anymore. Then she drops dead. Without the magic of vampirism to keep her alive, she revert to her (dead) human form, as will happen with all vampires in Mystic Falls. "Except we're going to need a lot more blood," Markos says.

Stefan comes home to Damon, who thinks Enzo is his problem to solve.

Stefan tells Damon that what happened with Enzo wasn't his fault. Damon talks about how Enzo kept him sane in captivity, reminding him he was lucky to have any family at all. Every time Damon wanted to give up, Enzo urged him not to lose faith in his family.

Enzo's ghost watches over the brothers as they share a drink. "It's too late to make amends, Damon. You know me, never let go of a good vendetta. And this one is just getting started," Enzo says.


Man on Firel Man on Firel

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Man on Firel Man on Firel

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Man on Firel Man on Firel

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