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Season 5 Episode 16

"While You Were Sleeping"

Damon tries to figure out how to make a disturbing confession; Caroline uncovers a secret...

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While You Were Sleeping

Caroline, Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie party at a bar as Elena dances on the bar and strips to a tank top when Matt shouts at her to take it off. Someone hands her a shot and as she's about to down it, she stops and hops down, confronting her friends, not able to believe that they can't tell she's not herself. The real Elena would never dance on a bar and do shots with her underage brother, she tells them, explaining that she's not herself -- she's Katherine.

Elena wakes up in her dorm room. The whole house is empty. She's goes downstairs and finds Stefan there. He tells her everyone's gone on spring break and she's been in an out. They sealed her in with a spell.

The last thing she remembers is running through the woods, feeling like she was being attacked by Katherine's whole life, then throwing her arms around Damon. That was three weeks ago.

She knows Katherine infected her with the Augustine virus. Bonnie's new witch friend Liv sealed Elena in. Caroline is out looking for an antidote and they're rationing blood to keep her satiated. She wants to talk to Damon.

But he's currently locked up in his cellar. Jeremy and Matt bring him vampire blood. Elena doesn't know Damon killed Aaron Whitmore, and Damon insists he be the one to tell her. Elena calls and they bring Damon his phone.

She's calling from a payphone because Katherine put a passcode on her phone and she can't use it. She's freaked out by not knowing what happened the last three weeks. She asks him how Katherine broke his heart. He shrugs it off like he doesn't remember.

"The last thing I remember I was running into your arms and I felt so safe," she says. "It was all downhill from there," he says. "I wanted to fight for you, I still do."

"The second we are cured of this and don't want to rip each other's heads off, I am going to hunt you down and give you the most mind-blowing night of your life," Damon says.

Meanwhile, in Wes Maxfield's lab, Caroline finds Wes's recorder and hears him saying that he added the werewolf venom to the virus to make it even stronger.

Enzo strolls in. Caroline isn't happy to see bad Damon's killing buddy, but he tells her he has the antidote.

On the phone, Elena realizes she's probably flunking her classes, and adds that to the list of things she needs to fix, including talking to Aaron Whitmore. The last time she saw him he had just learned she was a vampire and thought she wanted to kill him. Damon hems and haws and doesn't confess to killing him, only saying he doesn't think she'll find him.

Elena gets off the phone when Stefan arrives with a new cell phone for her, and 4 oz. of his blood. She's woozy and starving and drains it. She asks for more, insisting she's fine.

Stefan bites his wrist and shows it to her and she quickly loses control and charges him, but is trapped by the spell. "You're not fine, Elena," he says.

Elena realizes Katherine has turned her into a ripper. She's angry at herself for forgiving Katherine on her supposed death bed.

Caroline calls with an update: werewolf venom in the virus means it's fatal. But she says she has antidote if Stefan will go meet her. The Travelers don't want Liv the new witch to know about it, so he has to go to her.

Elena asks Stefan why Katherine stayed in town, and he confesses that Katherine was trying to get with him. He tells Elena they kissed, but he stopped it and realized what was going on.

At the bar, Liv is jazzed about being able to seal Elena in. Bonnie tries to get her to stop bragging then challenges her to a fire spell, but she can't do it.

With her new phone, Elena leaves Aaron a message. Then she reads Katherine's entries in her diary, including her ploy to get near Stefan.

Elena "remembers" Katherine spilling oil on her and stripping in front of Stefan and coming on to him. He starts kissing him passionately then pulls away, asking why he can't tell she's not herself. After everything they've been through, she wouldn't lead him on like that. Elena goes to leave and Damon is at the motel room door. He mocks Stefan for falling for the grease-on-my-shirt ploy. Elena tells them both to stop and tells them that even dead, Katherine is ruining their lives. "You think this is bad? You have no idea, do you?" Stefan says.

Back reading the diary, Elena's nose starts bleeding.

Enzo leads Stefan and Caroline to an abandoned rail yard to meet with Sloane and the Travelers -- Stefan already met some of them when they took a bucket of his blood. Enzo tells them how he was trapped in a farm house with ripper Damon when Wes and the Travelers let him go on the condition he help them.

Wes needed a vampire to experiment on, so Enzo let him in order to make an antidote. The Travelers are using Wes's work to make an antidote to the version Elena has because she's valuable to them. But they need something. "Another one of you," Sloane tells Stefan.

Elena talks to Damon and asks him to distract her. Damon tells her about Caroline and Klaus and that Katherine told Tyler.

Elena gets a coughing fit and coughs up blood.

Elena asks why they don't just hunt down Wes for the antidote and Damon tells her he killed Wes. She points out Wes was the only family that Aaron has, but then Damon is spared telling her he killed Aaron when Matt comes in for Damon's feeding.

Enzo explains that the Travelers think the last remaining dopplegangers -- Stefan and Elena- are special. But until Stefan's other doppelganger is found, his blood mixed with Elena's won't do anything. Stefan reminds them the last time a witch (Amara) linked him to his doppelganger, she fried his brain and he lost his memory.

Alone in her dorm, Elena gets woozy and starts hallucinating again. She sees Aaron Whitmore and sees that his room is empty. Then she sees his bloody neck. "Are you dead? Did I do this to you?" she says.

Elena is snapped out of her hallucination when a guy named Luke comes back early from spring break. She met him at the Bitter Ball as Katherine, but of course doesn't remember him. He thinks she's drunk. She tells him she's just starving. She compels him, feeds him her blood and is about to kill him to turn him when she notices bite marks on his neck and realizes Katherine must have been feeding on him. She stops and compels him to go get Bonnie.

Elena calls Damon in a panic, she can't tell what's real anymore. She tells Damon she thinks she killed Aaron. Damon promises to tell her everything, but says now isn't a good time. She freaks out, yelling that everyone is lying to her. She throws the phone. Damon yells for Matt, asking him to charge his phone.

Instead, he grabs Matt, yanks off his ring and calls in Jeremy -- demanding to see Elena.

Caroline and Stefan discuss the Traveler's plans. He agrees to be linked to his doppelganger. The Travelers give the antidotes to Enzo to deliver and Caroline stays with Stefan.

Sloane slices Stefan's hand for the spell. The Travelers begin chanting and Stefan screams.

Back in the dorm, Elena is losing her mind, she's ripping up books and throwing them on the fire. Bonnie and Liv arrive. Elena announces she's cleansing herself of everything Katherine ever touched.

Bonnie tells her she's not herself, and Elena yells about that being ironic because she wasn't herself for weeks and nobody noticed. Bonnie tries to reason with her, that Katherine was trying to destroy her and this is what she wants. Elena pretends to be swayed, but grabs a piece of wood and throws it javelin-style at Liv, skewering her.

She points out Liv will need her blood to survive, so she should drop the seal.

Back at the rail yard, night has fallen and the Travelers are still chanting their spell. Finally, Sloane can see Stefan's doppelganger. He's a paramedic in Atlanta.

Caroline urges them to stop, but Sloane wants more information, saying she needs the doppelganger dead. Caroline has had enough and puts a knife to Sloane's throat, telling her there's a way they can all get what they want.

Elena wanders outside her dorm, still coughing up blood and hallucinating. She sees Aaron and thinks it means he's OK, but it's really Damon.

Damon gives her Stefan's blood to drink.

"She won, Katherine won," Elena said. She rants about nearly killing Liv and killing Aaron Whitmore. Finally, Damon tells her she didn't kill Aaron -- he did.

Damon tells her he killed Aaron the night he thought she broke up with him and to prove to himself that he was the type of person who could kill in cold blood and he was never going to change.

He waits for her to say something, but she sees Enzo there -- with the antidotes.

When Stefan wakes up from his Traveler mind probe Caroline tells him she and Enzo are going to Atlanta to kill his doppelganger, which she volunteered to do so they'd stop frying Stefan's brain. Stefan warns her not to trust Enzo.

Bonnie walks Liv back to her dorm. Liv is not fazed by being attacked by Elena and is ready for more witch lessons.

When Bonnie leaves, Liv walks into her room alone and lights all her candles easily with magic. Luke, who turns out to be her (gay) brother, is waiting for her.

He faked being compelled by Elena. They know Bonnie is the anchor and are letting her think she's teaching Liv magic. Luke says it's only cute until she realizes her friends are in jeopardy.

Elena finally talks to Damon, telling him he should have noticed she was Katherine. If he had, Aaron would still be alive, there'd be no virus. Damon points out she's blaming Katherine for his mistakes and making excuses for him.

They start yelling, with her noting he's forcing her to compromise her morals again to make excuses for him. He calls their relationship toxic and they agree they shouldn't be together. He tells her to stop loving him, but she yells that she can't. She says it's over.

That lasts for three seconds, and then they tear each other's clothes off and get in bed.


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