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The Truth About Getting Fit  BBC One

The Truth About Getting Fit - BBC One

Is there such a thing as a runners high? Dr. Michael Mosley and physiologist Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan investigate if exercising produces cannabis like chemicals in the body.


Dr. Beth Phillips shows Michael a 5 minute high intensity workout you can do without leaving your house. Remember it's worth getting a check up with your doctor before you start doing high intensity exercise especially if you have been inactive for a while.


By the middle of January many people struggle to keep up their resolutions to be more active. The result is that the UK wastes nearly £600 million a year on unused gym memberships.

But new science has the answers.

Medical journalist Michael Mosley teams up with scientists whose latest research is turning common knowledge about fitness on its head.

They reveal why 10,000 steps is just a marketing ploy and that two minutes of exercise is all a person needs each week. They discover how to get people to stick to their fitness plans and what exercise can actually make everyone more intelligent. Whether it is for couch potatoes who hate the thought of exercise, someone too busy to consider the gym, or even for fitness fanatics who are desperate to do more - science can help everyone exercise better.

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