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Season 1 Episode 11

"The Third Rail"

Setrakian leads Eph, Fet and Nora in the hunt for the Master's lair. Left behind at the pawnshop with Mariela, Zack risks his safety for Mariela's sake...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



In Setrakian's shop basement, Vasility Fet prepares a UV light bomb test that mostly seems to succeed only in burning out the UV bulbs and bursting into flames. Ephraim Goodweather suggests a strobe approach to avoid burning out the bulbs. Fet is willing to try it, but says they can't waste any more bulbs on tests.

"We're just going to have to go with what we end up with, hope for the best," Fet says. "Mr. Fet, you've just described my method of operation for the past six decades," Setrakian says.

Nora finds her mother in Setrakian's kitchen, almost hysterical about not being able to find an old ashtray of hers. Setrakian gives her one as Nora tries to calm her down. Mama thinks Setrakian has "a dark soul."s the

Gus goes back to his apartment in Spanish Harlem (still in his prison jumpsuit). He finds the door unlocked and a horrible smell inside. The fridge is open, and his brother Christopher is standing motionless in front of the TV watching soccer. Except that it's not Chris anymore. Gus fights him off, seeming to avoid any knicks or worm splatter.

At Setrakian's, Eph worries about what happens if no one comes back from trying to kill the Master. He suggests to Nora that she stay behind, which only annoys her. She thinks they have no choice. Her mother and Zach will stay behind.

As they prepare later in the bread truck, Setrakian gives Nora Jim Kent's knife. Eph explains to Zach that he'll be back by sundown at the latest. Zach is still worried about finding his mother. Eph tells him to watch out for Mama Martinez and stay in the basement under all circumstances. He locks Zach in, but leaves him the keys.

In the pawn shop, Mrs. Martinez accuses Zach of taking her ashtray. Zach pokes around Setrakian's weapons but Mrs. Martinez agitatedly bothers him for cigarettes.

Out on the streets, the looting and anarchy has begun. "Everyone for himself, that's what the Master is counting on," Setrakian says.

At home, Gus tries to call his mother at work but her shift isn't until 6 p.m.

Gus hears a noise from a back bedroom. Full of dread, he goes to look in the closet. He finds his mother asleep, hiding from the sun in the process of turning and he breaks down sobbing.

At Setrakian's, Zach hears Mrs. Martinez at the front gate begging and wailing for someone to let her out. She's worried that someone took Nora. Zach tries to talk to her, but she's confused and upset. Finally, he asks if she'll go wait for him if he goes to get her cigarettes.

Chambers Street Station Setrakian explains that the Master would head below the World Trade Center site because he thrives on human suffering. They walk down into the subway, where their UV light shows a trail of vampire splatter. They press onward into the dark, dank tunnels. Fet councils them to stay away from the third rail, just in case it's live.

They start to find people's personal artifacts, wallets, shoes and watches. Even a bunny rabbit.

At the pawn shop, Zach heads out into the chaos on the streets. People are siphoning gas and a police car is crashed an abandoned. A woman runs up to him, asking if his cell phone has a signal. He says no. and keeps walking briskly.

In the tunnels, the group comes up a pile of nesting turning vampires. Setrakian says they have to leave them to avoid alerting the Master to their presence. The foursome delicately steps over bodies until Eph sees a woman he thinks is Kelly. He goes to look, but is relieved to find it's not her.

Back at Gus' apartment, his mother awakes and slowly approaches him -- on the other side of the sunlight streaming through the windows. He apologizes for not being there for her, then throws down his bat and walks out.

When he hears noises in the hall, he grabs the fire axe. He sees the super, now a vampire. He doesn't really mind confronting him, gleefully lopping his head clean off.

Down in the tunnels, Fet dismisses Eph when he thinks he hears a train. Eph is very quickly proven right as they all have to jump for safety as a train roars past. This later leads to a pissing contest between the two men. Fet is tired of Eph always needing the last word, and Eph is tired of Fet's know-it-all Brooklyn pride. "You've been waiting for this your whole life, haven't you? Congratulations on the vampire apocalypse," Eph snarls.

Setrakian finally snaps the two back on task.

Further into the tunnels, they encounter a vampire, but Setrakian warns them not to kill it yet and risk alerting the Master. They are spared confrontation when the vampire steps on the third rail, which turns out to be very much alive. The vampire is fried, and Eph takes note of another way to kill them.

Out on the streets, Zach goes into a convenience store that has been completely cleaned out. He sees someone lying behind the counter and snaps a picture with his phone rather than getting close. He's about to grab the cigarettes by the clerk when a young couple comes in to scavenge. Zach runs to hide in the back, down a service conveyer into the basement storeroom. He sees a vampire lurking in the shadows and scrambles to climb back up by drops his mom's phone. He deliberates, then jumps down to grab it. He makes it back up to the main floor, but bumps into the scavengers.

They grab him, but the man is soon taken out by the basement vampire. Zach is spared seeing it attack, but runs. Before he makes it to the store door, he runs into Gus and his axe. Gus tells him to scram, then goes to dispatch the vampires.

Zach grabs cigarettes on his way out.

In the tunnels, they think they've hit a dead end, but notice a small passageway, only big enough to inch through. Eph starts in on his belly, in a space so tight there's barely room for air. He makes it through 20 or 30 yards of tunnel to the other side and whispers the all clear. The others notice a pack of vampire closing in on them and Setrakian starts through as Fet volunteers to hold them off.

From in the tunnel, Setrakian calls to Eph for help, but Eph is distracted by hearing Kelly's voice calling to him, pleading with him: "don't let them hurt me." Setrakian tries to warn him, but Eph wanders off toward the sound.

On the other side, Fet and Nora open fire on the vampires closing in and Fet urges Nora to get into the tunnel. She starts scooting and Fet dispatches the vampires near him, squeezing into the small space as quickly as he can.

He's too big for the tunnel and quickly gets stuck. As he struggles to free himself, a vampire slithers in behind him effortlessly, closing in dangerously close until Nora is able to pull Fet to safety. They use the UV light to keep the tunnel vampire at bat.

But Setrakian and Eph are nowhere in sight.

Eph has followed the siren's call to a cavernous room, where the Master's coffin is lying on the ground. Eph opens it and digs through, but finds nothing. He starts to see vampires closing in on him, but none of them are Kelly. The game is getting to him.

He looks up and sees the Master slithering across the ceiling. In a blink, the Master floats down to stand nine feet tall in front of Eph. Eph can barely think to swing his sword, and the Master grabs Eph's attacking hand like he's swatting a fly.

The Master grabs Eph by the neck and slowly strangles him as he tells him the professor's student has failed and now he'll take everything from Eph, including his wife and child. "I am a drinker of men," he growls.

The Master is about to tentacle suck Eph's face off when Setrakian arrives. The Master recognizes him as the professor and gets in his head somehow, stopping his attack. But Nora and Fet are close behind and Fet unleashes the UV strobe light bomb. It quickly fries all the vampires surrounding Eph, but the Master drops him and slithers away down the tunnel.

Back at the pawn shop, Zach returns to Mrs. Martinez with her cigarettes. Zach picks up one of Setrakian's knives and starts pantomiming stabbing with it.

Back in the tunnel, Setrakian is furious at Eph for falling for the Master's trick, and at Fet for using the light bomb when Setrakian was close enough to kill him. Setrakian starts screaming that he won't rest until the Master is dead, then he picks up a sledgehammer and obliterates the coffin he so carefully carved decades ago. Nora wants to regroup, but Setrakian presses onward, determined to find him. They come to a fork in the tunnel and Setrakian wants to go blindly on. Fet instead has everyone turn off their flashlights and shines UV to find the opening the Master went through -- the same one Setrakian was going to enter, which he sees as confirmation.

Again, he's ready to forge blindly ahead into the darkness, but Fet grabs him and throws a flare into the cavern. It reveals hundreds of vampires in transition. Setrakian is still ready to go ahead, but Eph and Fet drag him away, trying to prevent a suicide mission.




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