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Season 1 Episode 10

"Loved Ones"

Eph investigates Kelly's disappearance and struggles with what he finds. Dutch pursues a plan to retaliate against Palmer, and Fitzwilliam makes a surprising choice...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



At the pawn shop, Zach pokes around older model electronics until he finds an Apple that works. He wanders around Setrakian's apartment trying to find a signal then runs "Find My Phone" on his mom's iPhone. He gets a map and calls his dad. The phone is moving, which Zach hopes is a good sign. He calls, but gets her voice mail.

Eph tells Zach he'll go get her. The TV news announces 23 banks failed yesterday and the world financial system is on the brink of collapse.

Eph tells Nora about the fact the phone is moving during daylight hours. Setrakian tells Eph to go, but to prepared for what he might find. Eph tells Zach to stay and text if the location changes.

Vasily Fet lays out his theory about how to attack the vampires, comparing them to rats who always have an escape route. He needs online transit maps from around the World Trade Center, but can't access them with the internet out.

"Yea, sorry about that," Dutch says, filling in Nora and Fet on her hacking. She thinks she could fix it if she could get into Palmer's office, Vasily thinks he could get her in with his city credentials.

Eph drives to Astoria, the phone location. The streets are full of people racing around with their things, and car crashes. Eph sees a homeless woman with Kelly's phone. She tells him she found it on the street. He thinks he's a cop, but when he says he's a doctor, she shows him an infected burn on her leg. He wraps her leg and she takes him to where she found the phone -- next to Kelly's car.

Inside the car, Eph finds bloody tissues and fears the worst.

32 Hours Earlier, at Kelly Goodweather's house

Vampire Matt creeps through the darkness and stands over a sleeping Kelly. He seems to resist the idea of attacking her and she wakes up as he walks out.

She tries to talk to him through the bathroom door, but gets annoyed when he doesn't respond.

At Kelly's school, barely half the teachers and students are there. She tells a teacher about Eph's warning, then leaves to get Zach and leave town.

Back at home, she finally comes face to face with Matt and dodges him when he lashes out at her with his tentacle. In the kitchen, she fends him off with whatever she can find, first a glass pitcher, then the blades of a blender, which she mashes into his face.

The blades slice his cheek open and worms fly everywhere -- including onto her face. She's helpless as one of them digs its way into her eyeball, but then she makes it out the front door and back to her car as Matt is trapped inside by the daylight.

In the car she examines her eyeball, which is already turning red. There are worms crawling everywhere under her skin. She blots at her face with a tissue and crumples over crying.

She wakes up in Astoria in her car in full transition. She takes out her phone to call someone but starts heaving and gets out of the car, dropping her phone. She stumbles down the street at dusk.

She makes her way to Zach's school, which is mostly empty, to pick him up. The principal thinks Kelly was in an accident and needs medical attention. When the principal goes to call 911, Kelly stumbles outside in the dark. She runs into a vampire, who shows no interest in her.

She hears a vampire feeding on someone and starts to feel the pull for blood herself.

In the truck on their way to Stoneheart Group, Dutch notes Fet's shorthand way of communicating with Setrakian. He questions her to make sure she's serious about going after Palmer.

At the building, Fet charms the receptionist to get access to the executive dining room. He's feeling smug until the elevator doors open and they're greeted by large armed security guards and escorted to see Reginald Fitzwilliam. He takes their guns and escorts Dutch in to see Palmer alone, leaving Fet angry but unable to do anything against the five or six guards.

Meanwhile, Eph, with gun in hand, goes back to his wife's house.

17 Hours Earlier Kelly's friend Diane is passed out on her couch with a bottle of wine when Kelly tries her door. Diane lets Kelly in, but can quickly see she's not OK.

Kelly grabs a picture of her with Kelly and is examining it when Diane's son comes down the stairs. Kelly lashes out at him with her tentacle and is chomping down when Diane jumps on her to pry her off. Kelly turns on Diane and drains her dry.

When Fitzwilliam asks Dutch why she'd come back, she explains that he may be fine with being a lackey but she doesn't like being taken advantage of. Nevertheless, he warms her that if she tries anything with Palmer, he'll kill her.

Palmer admires Dutch's audacity in coming to confront him, and she bluntly asks if he's a vampire, too. She tells him no rational human would do what he's done. He gloats about being on the brink of immortality and taunts her, saying she helped him because she feels how insignificant she is.

She lashes out and slaps him and Fitzwilliam grabs her. "We won't see her again," Palmer orders.

Out on the street at night, Kelly hears the Master calling her name. She gets vampire vision as she assesses two people walking past her, then hears the Master summoning her. She goes down into the tunnels.

She finds him. "Rejoin. Embrace your glorious fate," he tells her.

Back at Stoneheart, Fitzwilliam and four security guards march Dutch and Fet through the tunnels, expecting to be shot.

Fitzwilliam announces that he's letting them go. "I don't agree with what he's doing, so I can hardly carry out an order against the people who are trying to make this right," he says.

He explains the other guards are loyal to him, but won't act when Fet asks them to join him.

Meanwhile, Eph goes to Diane's house looking for Kelly. He sees the shattered picture frame and signs of a struggle. He goes down into the basement and finds Diane and her son turned and lying on the ground. He shoots her when she starts to attack, then can barely bring himself to pull the trigger when her son does the same.

With them both dead, Eph sees a necklace in Diane's hand. It belongs to Kelly. He breaks down.

Back at the pawn shop, he tells Nora he didn't find anything. When Fet and Dutch come back, Eph is annoyed to see her. She takes offense and leaves, over Fet's objections.

Zach comes down for new about his mom, and Eph tells him he's not giving up.

Zach goes through pictures on her phone and a video of him opening boxes in boxes in boxes to get to a tiny bicycle. She tells him to check the back deck, where he finds the real thing.

Sitting alone, Zach cries over his mom.



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