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Season 1 Episode 7

"For Services Rendered"

Setrakian, Eph, and Nora formulate a plan to track down the Master using Jim as bait. Eichhorst and Setrakian’s pasts are revealed. At the Luss home, Neeva struggles to protect the children while encountering a mysterious stranger whose help she may not want...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Baldwin Harbor Country Club, Westchester

A man is dropped off at his country club at night, but is surprised there's no one there to greet him. He goes inside and pours himself a drink at the empty bar as he watches news reports of internet and phones being hacked. He mutes it when Joan Luss comes on, addressing the media about her lawsuit. He's her husband.

Their housekeeper Neeva calls, telling Mr. Luss he has to come home and his wife isn't well. He asks her to bring the children home, but she says they're still in bed to avoid taking them back. Mr. Luss tries to call home, but can't get through. He takes a cab home and notices Westchester seems deserted.

He's going toward the house when he sees one of his neighbors coming at him. Mr. Luss can tell something isn't right. He races back to the cab and dives inside as the vampire lashes its tentacle out at him. He's screaming at the driver to go, but instead the driver takes out a gun and gets out of the car. He shoots the vampire, but then gets his face sucked off anyway.

Mr. Luss races inside telling his wife to call the cops. He can't get through. Then he sees his wife, who is covered in blood. She opens her mouth and comes for him.

In Abraham Setrakian's workshop, he explains that silver bullets work on the vampires. Ephraim isn't a big fan of Setrakian's new plan -- to kill the Master so his spawn will die. Eph thinks it makes no biological sense, but Setrakian points out that everything he has said has proven to be correct. "Logic is not the issue here, it is your desire to always be in control," Setrakian tells Eph.

Setrakian says to find the Master they have to find his human helpers. Nora mentions Jim.

Poland, 1944

A young Setrakian eyes the workers in the metal shop, looking for silver, as his grandmother told him as a child would stop the vampires.

Eichhorst comes into the workshop to address everyone, saying they found a Jewish talisman -- "the Hand of Miriam" -- under someone's bunk. It's an intricately carved woodworking, but no one claims credit. So Eichhorst takes out a gun and shoots a man, saying he'll shoot people one at a time until the perpetrator steps forward. Setrakian claims credit before he can shoot the next man. Eichhorst asks him where he learned to carve like that and then asks to see his hands. He has a special project for Setrakian. He lays out blueprints.

In Manhattan lock-up, Gus is processed as he protests that it was self defense and there's weird stuff going down outside.

At Jim Kent's house, he packs up to leave for Palo Alto with his wife. She wants to know why he's acting so odd and why he's so worried about the outbreak.

There's a knock at the door -- it's Eph, Nora and Setrakian.

Inside, Eph tells Jim's wife, Sylvia, about Jim's involvement -- which Jim confirms. "I can't believe you're going to let this self-righteous prick manipulate you with crazy talk of vampires," Sylvia says.

But Jim insists on helping them, saying he was involved "in a major way." She doesn't believe him. She goes to call a cab for the airport.

Jim describes the German to Setrakian, who recognizes Eichhorst.

Abraham tells Eph when he met Eichhorst many years ago he was still human, but just as monstrous.

Flashback to Poland, Eichhorst checks on Setrakian's progress, sharing that he was never good at wood work. Instead, Eichhorst says he is good at managing talent, picking the right person for the job. He's impressed by Setrakian's work.

In Yonkers, the Luss kids are asking to go home. Neeva's grown daughter Sebastiane insists on taking them home. Stoneheart Group

FitzWilliam is tending to Eldritch Palmer when Eichhorst drops by. Palmer plays a voice mail from Jim Kent, saying he didn't destroy Redfern's body and wants $100,000 for it. Eichhorst thinks it's a bluff and Setrakian must be behind it. He says he'll take care of it.

In jail, Gus is ushered into holding and finds Felix huddled on the floor, looking like death warmed over. Gus lays him on a bench and tells the CO that Felix needs medical help. They're not in a rush.

Jim's wife Sylvia says an angry good-bye and leaves in her cab. Jim assures Eph, Nora and Setrakian that he's "all in" with them, and hopes the plan works. Setrakian gives him a silver knife.

Flashback to Poland, young Setrakian picks the lock into the metal workshop and grabs a knife. He hides it in his workshop at Eichhorst comes by, drunk, to check on him. The sound of Russian artillery crashes around them as Eichhorst continues to refer to Setrakian by his number and pees in the corner of his workshop.

Eichhorst forces booze on Setrakian and asks him if he thinks the Nazis will last. Setrakian says the Third Reich is in its final throes, and Eichhorst agrees. He suggests another Reich might rise in its place. Setrakian speaks freely, saying he thinks that would be a sad day for the world. When he calls Hitler a dictator, Eichhorst gives him a drunken history lesson about Hitler being elected democratically. He lauds Plato's ideal: "The republic can only be lead by a philosopher king with the wisdom to look after the needs of the many."

"Unless you are a Jew," Setrakian says.

"You take all of this too personally."

"After the murder of my family, I suppose I do."

"Ah, the nobility of the victim," Eichhorst says. He tells Setrakian that he had the choice not to work for the Third Reich, but he volunteered himself as a carpenter when he arrived.

Eichhorst puts his gun on the table between them and puts his hands on his head, telling Setrakian to try for it. Setrakian thinks about it, but doesn't move.

"It's much easier to do nothing isn't it? Safer," Eichhorst says.

Setrakian goes back to his woodworking. "If that god you believe in really exists, what do you suppose it would think of you?" Abraham says.

Neeva and her daughter pull up to the Luss house and the kids run out before they can stop them. Audrey finds her dad half-dead on the living room floor. Sebastiane is looking him over when Joan Luss creeps out of the shadows and comes at them. Sebastiane knocks Joan's tentacle back with her bare hand and they run for safety, shutting themselves in the wine cellar. They watch in horror as Joan lashes her tentacle tongue out at them.

Jim waits for Eichhorst at the train station as Eph and Nora watch. Eichhorst appears out of nowhere and asks where "the Jew" is. He gives Jim a chance to be on the "right side of history." He grabs Jim close and tells him: "I could drink you right here."

When Jim still plays dumb, Eichhorst tells him to consider Sylvia dead.

Eph and Nora follow Eichhorst down to the subway and Nora sees him walking down the subway tracks. They follow him with their silver bullet guns but lose him in a construction zone.

They hear a noise behind them and hide. But it's Jim. He tells them Eichhorst knows it's a trap and is looking for Setrakian. They run back up to find the old man.

Setrakian sees Eichhorst standing on the platform and boards the train with him. People are coughing and wearing masks on their faces. Eichhorst steps off as the train starts to leave and Setrakian follows. They're alone together on the platform. Setrakian draws his sword, but Eichhorst is far too quick for him.

"Fitting that we should end our journey where it began -- on a train platform," Eichhorst says.

Setrakian tells Eichhorst he's following a "false Messiah who will prove as horrific as the last one." Eichhorst grabs Setrakian around the neck and begins to open his mouth. Setrakian is helpless, when suddenly a shot rings out. Eph hits Eichhorst in the leg, the silver bullet hole smokes.

As a train passes by, Eichhorst addresses Setrakian: "I give you another day of life, Jew, for services rendered." Eichhorst vampire-races away, leaping onto the train and holding on with talons.

In Poland, Eichhorst gives Setrakian a wurst sandwich, saying they have a new cook who makes his own wurst and he's earned the sandwich. The project is done: it's the Master's coffin.

Neeva prays the rosary as Joan Luss and a neighbor vampire come after them. Joan is about to eat her daughter when something fires a metal stake into her head, killing her. The foursome emerges from the wine cellar and sees that the thing that killed Joan appears to be a vampire in a black storm trooper outfit, flanked by half a dozen others with their faces covered.

The lead vampire gently looks over the children to make sure they aren't injured. He looks at the nick on Sebastiane's hand and lets everyone but her go. Then he lifts up his crossbow and fires a stake through Sebastiane's head as her mother screams.

"Do not touch her. She's corrupted," he tells Neeva.

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